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Recap / Lexx S 02 E 02

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Season 2, Episode 2


Zev sits on her bed, wistfully singing "Yo Way Yo" while staring into the distance. Stan interrupts her to point out that her crush on Kai can't work out, and to make vulgar boasts about his own sexual availability and prowess. This leads to an argument between 790 and Stan over which of them is the man for Zev, who gets fed up with both of them and decides to go wake Kai, "To talk, to sing, whatever."


Stan insists on opening the cryochamber; Zev suggests he let 790 do it, but Stan counters that he was "almost certified" in the process. When the pod opens, Kai declares, "I kill you in the name of his Divine Shadow," and shoots Stan in the heart.

Kai comes to himself and tells Zev that they must put Stan into cryostasis, since he would bleed out before the protein regenerator could repair the damage. However, they will be helpless on the Lexx unless Zev can get the Key from Stan. She unsuccessfully begs Stan for it, then kisses him. Delirious, Stan transfers the Key to her.

Now the captain, Zev orders 790 to help the Lexx search for medical facilities. Kai broods over his role in Stan's possible death. Zev thinks that Stan input the wrong code while awakening Kai; Kai agrees, but still considers himself responsible.


790 locates a medical terminal. Unfortunately, its services require insurance, precious metals, or "bankable equivalent," none of which the crew has. Zev orders the Lexx to blow up a nearby moon, and a new worker appears on screen. He apologizes for the administration's greed and invites the crew aboard.

Zev and Stan talk to the doctors selected to operate on Stan. Among them is a young surgeon named Kazan who professes idealistic values, and who appears interested in Zev. The doctors allow Kai, Zev, and 790 to sit in a waiting room with a window above the surgery room.

Dr. Kazan returns to pronounce the surgery a success and allows the others to visit Stan's room, although Stan will not wake up for some time. Kazan invites Zev to get something to eat with him, to which she agrees, leaving an unhappy 790 with Kai.


Zev's date goes wrong when Kazan expresses his belief that they should leave on the Lexx together to conquer the galaxy. He has no respect for her friends or for her desire to find a new home. Zev rejects his wishes, and he jabs her with a syringe in the neck. She wakes up strapped to an operating table.

Meanwhile, the other surgeons abduct Kai. They pump Stan's room full of freezing vapor, then move Kai to a laboratory and lock him into a machine. They are fascinated by his nigh-indestructability and intend to perform experiments until they find out what could destroy him.

Kazan delivers Zev an ultimatum: If she doesn't transfer the Key to him now, he'll torture her with drugs and electric shocks until she either gives in or dies, forcing it to seek a new host. She refuses.

Kai's captors perform a number of experiments, including removing his heart and finding that it regenerates after being dissolved in acid. They come to the conclusion that will regenerate from anything less than sub-atomic destruction, and shoot at him with a powerful plasma beam that they hope will have that effect.

Stan wakes up, and a panicked 790 alerts him to Zev's absence and the attack on Kai. With Stan's mobility still limited, 790 does his best to wirelessly control the bed as they search for Zev.

Kazan continues to raise the voltage of the shocks and prepares another drug to drive the Key out of her. His assistant tries to tell him that Zev's not all human, and that he should wait about administering the drug, but he doesn't listen. Just as the Key is about to leave her, Zev transforms into her Cluster lizard form and eats both the surgeon and the assistant.

Still in lizard form, Zev rolls along a hallway, encountering Stan and 790, who somehow recognizes her. To Stan's surprise, she doesn't attack them. Instead, she rolls to the laboratory and uses her lizard speed to knock Kai out of the destructive beam before it can kill him. Kai uses a piece of metal to reflect the beam's light onto the watching scientists, who are vaporized instantly, and turns the machine off. Stan and 790 find the room. Zev reverts to her human shape, but she's transforming into a dissolving yellow substance from the neck down.

Zev says her goodbyes to the crew as a whole: "I had a good life with you guys. I did all right, for a girl who grew up in a box." She gives the Key back to Stan and tells Kai, "I love you." Then she completely dissolves into a liquid in the bottom of the machine.

Kai scoops up her rubber harness, which is the only piece left intact, and some of her protein in a bowl. When Stan asks what he is doing, he replies that he is "[b]ringing Zev home." 790 weeps.

Back aboard the Lexx, Stan plans to blow up the medical terminal. Kai points out that the ones who killed Zev are already dead, and that she would not want him to get revenge by killing innocent people. Reluctantly, Stan agrees, and the Lexx leaves. Seconds later, a cloud of Mantrid drones descends on the terminal and "eat" it.

Tropes present in this episode include:

  • Appeal to Force: Zev uses the Lexx's weapon to scare the Med Sat terminal into treating Stan's injury.
  • Ax-Crazy: Stan temporarily resets Kai to killing mode.
  • Bad Date: The worst. When Zev refuses to help Dr. Kazan conquer the universe, he kidnaps and tortures her.
  • Beat Still, My Heart: When the doctors put Kai's in a petri dish.
  • Corrupt the Cutie: Invoked: Dr. Kazan claims that he used to believe in the nobility of his profession, but now he only does it for "dribs and drabs of money."
  • Disintegrator Ray: The reflected light from the death machine has this effect.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: Stan and 790's lecherous remarks drive Zev out of her own bedroom.
  • Dramatic Space Drifting: We get a shot of a a former client's scarf floating through space after Dr. Kazan throws her out an airlock.
  • Dying Declaration of Love: From Zev, to Kai.
  • Electric Torture: Inflicted on Zev.
  • Face Death with Dignity: Zev tries to comfort the other during her death scene.
  • Faux Affably Evil: The doctors are very good at projecting an idealistic and helpful façade; however, the minute they don't need it, they turn into cruel Jerkasses.
  • Foreshadowing: The episode opens with Zev singing "Yo Way Yo," the same song Kai made before his Heroic Sacrifice in I Worship His Shadow.
  • Freak Lab Accident: The doctors activate Zev's lizard side by complete accident.
  • From a Single Cell: Even cut out of his body, Kai's heart can do this.
  • Healthcare Motivation: Admission to the terminal depends on payment.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Kazan kidnaps Zev, straps her to a bed, and subjects her to a combination of electric shocks and drugs in hopes of getting the Key from her. Instead, the experiments trigger her transformation into a large, carnivorous lizard that tears through its restraints and eats his head.
  • Hospital Gurney Scene: The nurses guide Stan's bed through a corridor.
  • Insufferable Genius: Kazan dismisses almost everyone as unworthy of his brilliant company.
  • It's All My Fault: Zev tries to reassure Kai when he expresses guilt over Stan's injury.
  • I Warned You: A jealous 790 calls Kazan a "quack," although, at the time, there's no real reason to believe it. Later, 790 recognizes the lizard version of Zev rolling down the hallway and shouts that he knew "that doctor was a quack!"
  • Loser Friend Puzzles Outsiders: Dr. Kazan attempts to seduce Zev by telling her how ridiculous all her friends are. Needless to say, his pitch falls flat.
  • Mad Doctor: All of Stan's surgeons.
  • Naughty Nurse Outfit: Several of the assistants wear miniskirted versions of classic nurse outfits.
  • Oh, Crap!: The nurse assisting Zev's torture reacts this when she realizes what kind of reptile Zev is a hybrid of.
  • Panty Shot: Zev, on the operating table. Also shows up on a couple of the nurses.
  • Plasma Cannon: The doctors try to destroy Kai with a beam of plasma from the terminal's generator.
  • Slut-Shaming: Dr. Kazan makes fun of Zev's status as a love slave.

    Kazan: "Of course, as a love slave, your panties aren't exactly glued on, are they?"

  • Strapped to an Operating Table: Zev.
  • Taking the Bullet: Zev, while pushing Kai out of the energy beam meant to destroy him.
  • Thrown Out the Airlock: Dr. Kazan does this to a former patient.
  • Too Dumb to Live: If Stan had let 790 open Kai's cryopod, instead of relying on his own questionable skills, he wouldn't have gotten shot.
    • Also Dr. Kazan, for not listening to his assistant's warning about mixing the drug with hybrid DNA.
  • Torture Always Works: Averted. Not only does Zev's will not break, the methods of torture backfire in epic fashion by turning her into a people-eating Cluster lizard.
  • To Serve Man: Lizard!Zev kills and, based on the shot of her open mouth descending on a doctor's head, eats her captors.
  • Unholy Matrimony: Defied. Zev's date would like them to conquer the universe together, but she isn't interested.
  • Unstable Genetic Code: The reaction between the surgeon's drugs and Zev's hybrid DNA causes her to shapeshift into a Cluster lizard.
  • Unwanted Harem: Stan and 790 argue over who's the right man for Zev, in her bedroom, while she covers her ears to avoid dealing with them.
  • Who Needs Their Whole Body?: Kai does just fine without his heart.

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