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Recap / Zombie Knows Best

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Liv and Major eat the brains of a father named Stan and his daughter Cindy, respectively, which causes them to behave like one. Liv, now in the mind of a 40 year old, acts like one. She tries to relate to Major, who is now acting like a 15 year old. They bicker often, with Ravi and Clive being dragged into the drama. Major experiences a vision of Cindy showing something from a girl named Winslow Sutcliffe on her phone to her father, which he tells her to bring it to the police.


Clive investigates that Cindy and Winslow shared 4 classes. Vivian announces her intention to have a zombie named Baracus be elected as the mayor. Clive asks an IT guy to look up Winslow online, and get information from the phone company. Clive, Major and Liv investigate Winslow's family, her mother and step-father. Liv has a vision of the phone, showing Winslow to be having illegal relationships with her step-father. The IT guys pulls up Tinker Spy on Winslow's phone, an app designed for parents to keep track of their child's phone calls and texts, with it's subscriber being Winslow's mother.

She confesses to the crime and is send to prison. Winslow leaves to live with her aunt. Her step-father is arrested for statutory rape and arrested. Cavanaugh interviews Clive about the murder of Wally and his family. Clive is revealed to have been living as neighbors in an apartment, with Wally's family. Clive arrested Wally's abusive father and took him to jail. Wally's mother Anna thanks him and a few days later, asks him to babysit Wally for a few hours. Together they watch Game of Thrones. Anna reveals to Clive that Game of Thrones is not allowed for Wally, as he is too young. They are shown to be getting closer. When Wally's father is going to be released from jail, Anna plans to take Wally to her brother's house to live, as she does not feel safe in the apartment. She leaves while Clive is out on a case for 2 weeks, and he does not get to say goodbye.


  • Big, Screwed-Up Family: The Sutcliffes. Winslow has an affair with her step-dad; her mother kills Winslow's friend and dad to keep the news quiet (as the mother would be disinherited if this got out).
  • Continuity Nod: A flashback has Clive bingewatching Game of Thrones and getting really into it, referencing his love of George R. R. Martin.
  • Glamorous Single Mother: Anna is gorgeous and charming, with Clive clearly attracted to her as well as the reverse. They never get together because of bad timing.
  • Golden Moment: Parodied to Hell and back when Ravi gets some fatherly advice from Dad Brains Liv.
  • Hollywood Homely: In-universe. The brain Major's on makes him ashamed of his body around the Fillmore Graves mercs.
  • Manchild: Major on teenage girl brains turns him into one of these.
  • Once More, with Clarity!: The episode opens up with Clive talking to his Supervisor after yelling at a perp. The end of the episode reveals that this took place after solving this episode's case.
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  • Parental Incest: Winslow and her stepdad. Not Blood Siblings applies but it's still statutory rape.


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