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Recap page for Horseland.

Season 1 (2006)

  1. "You Can't Judge a Girl By Her Limo" — The kids reminisce about Sarah's first day at Horseland and their incorrect assumptions about her.
  2. "Win Some, Lose Some" — Alma boasts that she doesn't need to practice her jumping and is proven wrong.
  3. "Back in the Saddle Again" — Molly develops a fear of riding after falling off Calypso during practice.
  4. "Cry Wolf" — Alma's fibs to get Zoey to do her chores for her are tested when she gets trapped by a wolf while proving its evidence.
  5. "Fire, Fire, Burning Bright" — Zoey and Chloe neglect their responsibilities during a campout and unwittingly cause a forest fire.
  6. "Fast Friends" — Molly nearly leaves Horseland after she is dropped from her own team during practice.
  7. "Pepper's Pain" — Pepper gets injured during a jump and Zoey is convinced she'll lose her forever.
  8. "The Awful Truth" — Chloe lies to Bailey stating she can jump a parallel oxer and injures Chili in the process.
  9. "The Competition" — The girls compete against each other to see who will represent Horseland in a national competition.
  10. "The Can-Do Kid" — Sarah's positive attitude is tested when she has trouble making a specific move with Scarlet.
  11. "The Best Loss" — When Molly's friends come to visit, she thinks they'll embarrass her when they want to see her compete.
  12. "Boss Bailey" — Bailey is put in charge of Horseland while Will is away and lets it go to his head.
  13. "A True Gift" — Sarah's blind cousin Mary visits, whose skills end up changing the other kids' positive attitudes.

Season 2 (2007)

  1. "First Love" — Alma asks the other girls for dating advice to impress a nerdy boy she likes.
  2. "Bailey's New Friend" — Bailey meets a boy his own age and hangs out with him, and begins forgetting his old friends.
  3. "Molly and Chili" — While Calypso is sick, Molly has a hard time cooperating with Chloe's horse Chili, until they get lost on the way home and must work together.
  4. "Wild Horses" — A wild horse inspires Aztec to feel free and ends up running away.
  5. "Magic in the Moonlit Meadow" — Chili meets an old horse who shows him that a herb instinct is beneficial for everyone.
  6. "The Horse Whisperer" — Molly is convinced Sarah is good with horses as she works with an uncooperative horse from a friend of hers.
  7. "Mosey" — Shep reminisces about the time Sarah is depressed when an old barn cat of hers disappears and passes away.
  8. "The Big Parade" — Sarah is accused of stealing shiny objects and tries to clear her name.
  9. "The Bluebird of Happiness" — Zoey becomes attached with a bluebird that she saved from a hawk and refuses to let it go.
  10. "Riding In Style" — The kids have to deal with a visiting fashion designer who provides them uncomfortable wardrobe.
  11. "International Sarah" — Sarah meets a friend on an international exhibition in France and gets trapped.
  12. "Changing Spots" — Alma wants to change her riding technique to compete against a rival from another stable, while she challenges the Stiltons to be nice for a change.
  13. "The Whispering Gallery" — When Sarah hears Molly read gossip about someone being mean, she assumes she's talking about her and ignores her.

Season 3 (2008)

  1. "The Secret" — Sarah's visiting dyslexic cousin causes trouble before an anniversary celebration.
  2. "The Newbies" — When a Native American girl named Nani comes to Horseland, Zoey is displeased until learning her notions were wrong.
  3. "A New Development" — The kids are convinced a new resort being constructed will shut Horseland down for good.
  4. "New Pup in Town" — Alma and Shep are jealous when Bailey brings a new dog to Horseland.
  5. "A Horse Named River" — A visiting horse named River comes to Horseland while recovering from an operation.
  6. "The Last Drop" — Chloe refuses to conserve water and puts the blame on Zoey.
  7. "No News is Good News" — Chloe and Zoey get carried away with reporting when they edit Sarah's website and almost cause Horseland to shut down.
  8. "Talk Talk" — Molly gets a new phone, causing her to ignore her friends and be distracted.
  9. "Oh, Baby" — When newborn twin foals come to Horseland, they cause the other horses to be jealous of their attention.
  10. "Heritage Days" — The kids argue about their various heritage wardrobes when Nani invites them to a Heritage Day parade.
  11. "The Princess" — Chloe and Zoey meet a visiting princess and use her to their social advantage, not knowing it's for the wrong person.
  12. "Added Weight" — When the horses tease Pepper about her weight, she goes on a crash diet which leads to disaster.
  13. "Sister, Sister" — The Stiltons each sell a treasured belonging of theirs so they can get a gift for each other.

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