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Recap / Gundam Seed Ep 20 On A Calm Day

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In the PLANTs, Athrun drives to the Clyne residence to visit Lacus. He gives her a bouquet of flowers, while being swarmed by a collection of Haros in various colors. Athrun asks why they're being so rambunctious, and she says that's just how they greet guests. When he asks if she thinks they get annoying after a point, she says they're more excited than usual because of Athrun's presence, since he hasn't been there in a while. The two sit down to talk, Athrun apologizing for missing the memorial ceremony, and Lacus saying that she understands, and that she prayed for Athrun's mother on his behalf. The subject turns to the war, Athrun saying he can't be sure when he'll be called away again, and Lacus observing that military recruiting has gone up, with even some of her friends volunteering. She worries that this means the war may be intensifying, and Athrun admits that it's sad but probably true. Lacus asks Athrun if he knows how Kira is doing, and if he's seen him recently. Athrun, remembering their battle during reentry, says that he expects Kira is doing fine, somewhere on Earth. Lacus asks if they've been friends for a long time, and Athrun says since they were four or five years old, when they lived on the Moon until Athrun joined his father in the PLANTs when the war broke out. Lacus mentions that she had a conversation with Kira about Haro, and that Kira had told her that it sounded like Athrun hadn't changed. She also mentions that Kira was taking good care of Birdy, and Athrun is surprised that he still had it. Lacus says that she's quite fond of Kira.


On the news, Patrick Zala is giving a speech, saying that although he's not advocating taking over Earth or prolonging the war unnecessarily, they must take steps to cope with the current situation, such as the incident at Heliopolis and Lacus being taken hostage, which makes peace talks impossible since it shows that neither the Earth Alliance nor Orb can be trusted. Nichol watches the broadcast with his father, a ZAFT Supreme Council member, who expresses his agreement with Zala and wonders how Siegel Clyne can think different. He says that they must get Operation Spit Break approved as soon as possible in order to end the war quickly, and Nichol says that Le Creuset says the same kind of thing. After his father leaves, Nichol plays the piano while we see the ZAFT Supreme Council members assembling for a meeting. Siegel speaks with Patrick privately before the meeting, saying that his campaigning has guaranteed that Operation Spit Break will be approved. Siegel says that by intensifying the war, Patrick is only increasing people's hatred, but Patrick says that he's simply trying to end the war quickly, and that there's no point in fighting unless you can win. He says that Coordinators are a completely new species, and that there's no reason for them to coexist with Naturals. Siegel demands to know how he can say that when signs point to Coordinators declining, such as falling birth rates among third-generation Coordinators even with their push toward arranged marriages. Patrick responds that they've faced challenges before and overcome them, and they can overcome future challenges as well. Siegel insists that people are born, not simply manufactured, but Patrick calls such values are outdated because people always move toward progress. Patrick says that they cannot turn their back on evolutionary progress and go back to being Naturals. Siegel says that Patrick has always failed to understand the fact that Coordinators were not a product of evolution.


In the ZAFT Supreme Council meeting, they begin to discuss Operation Spit Break. In his home, Rau le Creuset thrashes in his sleep violently enough to fall out of bed, before reaching onto a bedside table to take a distinctive blue-and-white pill, after which he calms down. He receives a call from Patrick Zala, who tells him that the case they presented has been approved, and he wants to meet with Rau later to go over the details. After he hangs up, Rau tells Patrick to act conceited while he still has the chance. At Lacus's house, Athrun is leaving, despite Lacus saying she was hoping he would join them for dinner and mentioning that her father was looking forward to seeing him. Athrun says that he has to go because he has a lot of things to take care of, since he's not in the PLANTs often, but he'll visit Lacus again if he has the time, giving her a kiss on the cheek before he leaves. As he drives, he recalls scenes from his past: watching the destruction of Junius 7, graduating as a ZAFT pilot, talking to Kira as Heliopolis collapses, Lacus telling him that Kira still has Birdy.


On the Archangel, the crew load and store their new supplies. Kuzzey and Kira bring a meal of bread and water to Sai, who is confined to a makeshift brig for a week. Kuzzey asks Kira to stay out of sight before he opens the door, in order to keep from upsetting Sai. As Kuzzey talks to Sai, Kira notices Flay watching them from a distance. In the Desert Dawn HQ, Sahib talks with Murrue, Natarle, and Mu, making plans for a battle, pointing out an area where they've buried landmines. Mu says that if they fight, they can expect heavy casualties. Sahib says that they could accept the Tiger's offer and live peacefully under his rule, but they've suffered for centuries under harsh rulers, and the Archangel should even the fight. Murrue agrees to work together with them. In the Archangel's hanger, a crowd gathers around as Cagalli demonstrates impressive skill in a Skygrasper simulator. Kuzzey and Miri both say that they were shot down as soon as they started, and Tolle complains that everyone else has gotten to try it except him. Cagalli tells them that they make pretty pathetic soldiers, reminding them that they're fighting a war. Tolle wants to try the simulator out, but a crewmen tells him that it's not a game, and threatens to withhold his dinner if he gets shot down in order to make him take it seriously. Flay visits Kira's quarters, finding him lying alone on his bunk. He asks her why she was hanging out near Sai, and she says that Sai is a fool for trying to compete with Kira. She tries to lay him down on the bed, but he pushes her off and leaves the room.

In the PLANTs, Patrick Zala meets privately with Rau le Creuset, saying that he's entrusting him with the real Operation Spit Break. Rau says that he's confident that Patrick will become Supreme Council Chairman in the next elections, and that he'll oversee the preparations. At home, Athrun looks over a wall of photos, including one of him and Kira when they were younger. He remembers telling Kira that next time they meet, he'll show no mercy, and Kira saying the same to him.

Tropes used in this episode:

  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: In the Skygrasper simulator, one of the high scores Cagalli beats is "Shar.Z" (a reference to Char Aznable).
  • Friend to All Living Things: Wild birds fly in to literally eat out of Lacus' hands while she's outside chatting with Athrun
  • Big Fancy House: Lacus lives in a friggen mansion in the middle of open countryside. Pretty sweet digs for living on a space colony!
  • Cute Machines: Lacus has a small horde of Haros living at her house.
  • Mythology Gag: Lacus draws a ∀ Gundam-esque mustache on the navy-blue Haro before sending them off to play.
  • Slasher Smile: Rau has a pretty good one after his phone call with Patrick.


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