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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 51 The Power To Dream Is Our Future

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As Dukemon closes in, SaintGalgomon meanwhile has issues fighting off the agent when he runs out of bullets. Justimon asks Sakuyamon to charge his blade with her power, despite the risk that it’ll pose to his own body. Initially, Ruki refuses to go through with it due to the danger it’ll pose to Ryou, but goes along at his insistence. The result causes Sakuyamon to lose all of her power, and Justimon manages to get it under control with some struggle.


Meanwhile, Juri manages to break her own prison open with the help of Leomon’s spirit. The agent continues to go on the attack for the others, and Justimon manages to it in half. Before Dukemon can close in on where Juri is, he’s attacked by the former Juri-lookalike Agent, who tells him that humans and Digimon have no right to exist. Dukemon continues to struggle back, however, and Takato says that all life is important as Dukemon shoves it off.

As the others look over the Agent, they catch sight of the four Holy Beasts dragging what’s left of it away. Hypnos and the Wild Bunch continues starting Operation: Doodlebug, even as Jiangyu still feels disturbed about something.

Juri finds herself and Culumon swarmed by the D-Reaper, while Dukemon fights with the agent. Jiangyu contacts Jianliang and tells him that he’d loaded Shaggai into Terriermon so that they can drag the D-Reaper into a black hole. Since there’s a tunnel beneath SaintGalgomon that onnects the real world and Digital World, they want SaintGalgomon to create a funnel and create a reverse reaction that’ll revert the D-Reaper to its original, harmless state. Jian is excited, but Jiangyu still seems worried. SaintGalgomon does as instructed, but Shibumi feels something is wrong.


Dukemon, however, manages to throw off the D-Reaper agent...

Takato and Guilmon: We do not deserve to disappear!

The D-Reaper begins to get sucked into the quantum hole that SaintGalgomon makes, and Dukemon finds Juri and Culumon, the latter keeping Juri safe from the D-Reaper with what little power he has. The D-Reaper is sucked successfully into the hole, but Shibumi finally realizes what’s wrong: the red card he’d made doesn’t actually work on Digimon-human hybrids.

The Ultimate-level Digimon revert to their Child forms, but Guilmon and Takato refuse to be deterred and Guilmon flings Takato towards Juri so that he can finally rescue her. Juri manages to wake up in time to see Takato, and the others huddle around him so that they can get out as quickly as possible. They’re saved by Hirokazu, Kenta, Guardromon, and MarineAngemon, with MarineAngemon’s unique powers keeping them sheltered and saving Terriermon from the hole.


The group huddles around what’s left of the D-Reaper and the portal to the Digital World. They’re also met by Ai, Makoto, and Impmon, with the latter satisfied with his Tamers. To Impmon’s surprise, Juri forgives him for what he’s done, saying that she’s happy to see him safe.

Without warning, however, all of the Digimon suddenly begin to devolve into their baby forms, and Jiangyu arrives with Shaochung. Jiangyu reveals what he’d been hiding: with the barrier between the real world and Digital World once again stable, the Digimon must return to the Digital World lest they fall to the same fate as the D-Reaper.

Takato is distressed, having made a promise to always be with Guilmon, and Ruki begins to fall apart. Jiangyu believes that he’s done something unforgivable in having hid this from Jian, even though it was the only way to save the world. Jian is incensed, but Terriermon gives him his signature “moumantai” before flying towards the portal.

The kids are forced to release their Digimon as they fly into the portal, with Takato only able to make a promise to Guilmon that they’ll play together again someday. Jianliang turns to his father and tearfully forgives him.

Takato’s life returns to how it had been before he met Guilmon - until one day, as he passes by Guilmon’s former hideout, a DigiGnome flies by and Takato sees a Digital World portal there...


  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Yes, Sakuyamon effectively uses an attack that strips off all of her armor in order to power up Justimon’s blade. More than many a fan has taken implications out of this.
  • Hope Spot: Whether the final scene is this or an actual lead-up to a reunion depends on whether you believe the drama CD or the sequel movie (the latter having been done without Konaka’s supervision). According to the former, the portal ends up victim to a firewall that Hypnos and the Wild Bunch had made and ends up disappearing, while the hideout ends up covered in a concrete wall after Takato tries to break down said firewall; according to the latter, the Tamers seem to be reunited with their partners and the Digimon end up freely able to roam the real world.
  • Image Song: At the farewell scene with the Digimon, the three main Tamers’ joint image song “3 Primary Colors” plays.

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