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Recap / Digimon Frontier E 41 Dont Let Them Scan The Beanstalk Of Friendship

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The kids try to find a way to follow Tomoki, but a bunch of Trailmon suddenly approach them and attempt to discourage them from going. They explain that Tomoki and the others have been taken to Beanstalk Village, and when Takuya asks the Trailmon to take them there, all of them back away, refusing to go there for some reason. They eventually find a Worm-type Trailmon who’s unwilling to take them there even after Izumi pulls a bit of charm and Bokomon reveals him as the train meant for Beanstalk Village.


The Royal Knights arrive at Beanstalk Village and dump the kids there, and Katsuharu’s group recognizes the village and the injured local Mamemon. Dynasmon reveals that he and LordKnightmon are looking for a “key” there, and are hoping that human children will know where it is.

The Worm Trailmon still refuses to take the kids to Beanstalk Village even after they give him a wash and Junpei bribes him with chocolate, but they manage to hitch a ride on him when he tries to storm off.

Dynasmon locks the kids up below a beanstalk in the hopes that they’ll reveal where the “key” is, and they find the injured Mamemon in the cell with them. The elder Mamemon explains that there’s a village legend saying that the beanstalk in the village provides them with a good harvest,. One time, when Katsuharu and his friends had visited, they’d helped out with the harvest, and when they left, the beans that they planted grew into the large beanstalk and gave the land fertility. In addition, the strength of the beanstalk has locked the village’s data, and the Royal Knights are unable to get to it, but removal of the “key” will cause the village to return to its original, infertile state. Katsuharu, however, doesn’t know where the key is, and the group tries to figure out how to get out of the cell.


Takuya’s group quickly finds out why all the Trailmon had refused to go to Beanstalk Village: the tracks drop off at a canyon. The kids make a solution by pulling out the tracks behind Worm and repairing it in the canyon in front of them, which both provides a way to go forward and prevents Worm from bailing out on them. Worm asks them why they want to get to Beanstalk Village, and they reply that they want to help some friends and save the Digital World, but Worm believes that it’s all pointless and that the Royal Knights will win anyway. He tells them to give it up, but Takuya is resolute in going forward and refuses to let the Digital World be destroyed.

The Mamemon break the kids out of the cell, but Dynasmon appears and takes the village elder hostage in exchange for information on where the key is. LordKnightmon knocks Tomoki out of the way and ties him up before he can spirit evolve, while meanwhile Takuya’s group ends up riding the Trailmon there on some dangerous and absurdly roller coaster-like tracks.


Dynasmon asks Katsuharu’s group why they’re protecting the Digimon. Katsuharu replies that the Mamemon once gave them some bean soup made from their valuable, limited supplies when they were hungry, and declares the Mamemon to be their friends. LordKnightmon attacks Katsuharu, exposing his DigiCode, and is about to scan him when Worm charges into the area, complete with Dynamic Entry.

One of the Mamemon unties Tomoki, who joins up with his friends, and they entrust their Spirits to Takuya and Kouji so that they can hyper spirit evolve. While KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon keep the Royal Knights distracted, Izumi, Junpei, Tomoki, and Kouichi evacuate Katsuharu’s group and the Mamemon onto Worm, but Kouichi is taken as a Human Shield by LordKnightmon. MagnaGarurumon is unable to bring himself to attack due to fear of hurting Kouichi, but the Mamemon manage to distract LordKnightmon and give MagnaGarurumon an opening to free Kouichi.

Unfortunately, Dynasmon and LordKnightmon still manage to give KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon a beatdown, and in desperation the elder Mamemon reveals to the Royal Knights that the golden beans at the top of the beanstalk are the key. Dynasmon takes the key and the beanstalk’s data, and as everyone makes their escape, he sends the data down to Lucemon. Without the data, Beanstalk Village disappears, and the elder Mamemon tells Katsuharu and his friends to return to the human world, saying that while they can build another village, Katsuharu and his friends’ lives are in danger. The elder Mamemon reveals that he still has one golden bean left, and that he’ll use it to plant another beanstalk like the one Katsuharu’s group had planted.

The group sends Katsuharu and his friends off with a Trailmon headed to the human world, and Tomoki insists that he’ll stay despite Teppei’s uncertainty. Katsuharu tells Tomoki that they’re counting on him and leads his friends into the Trailmon, and has Tomoki push him into the Trailmon as payback for pushing him in at Shibuya Station. Tomoki playfully obliges and the Trailmon leaves, with the Chosen Children, including Tomoki, waving goodbye.


  • Bishie Sparkle: LordKnightmon invokes this twice, first on himself when he claims that anyone “as beautiful as him” can do anything he likes, and second when he...embellishes the scene with Kouji and Kouichi (mentioned below). Both times have Izumi, Tomoki, and Junpei react with exasperation.
    Junpei: I knew he was a weirdo.
  • Eye Catch: Kouji and Junpei’s variants are used for this episode.
  • Guy-on-Guy Is Hot: Apparently LordKnightmon ships Twincest, as he invokes the Shipping Goggles while Kouji and Kouichi have their reunion and turns it into a sappy, Narm-ful scene complete with Bishie Sparkle.
  • Say It with Hearts: During Izumi’s aforementioned Coy, Girlish Flirt Pose.

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