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Recap / Battle for Wesnoth

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Recap page for the campaigns of Battle for Wesnoth, mainly the mainline one. Just like in the game, mainline campaigns are sorted by their difficulty. An option to sort by the in-universe year they take place does exist, so the year gets listed here. Wesnoth calendar uses YW (Year Wesnoth, i.e. how many years since the founding of Kingdom of Wesnoth), BW (Before Wesnoth), and AF (After the Fall, i.e. how many years since the destruction of Wesnoth).

Mainline campaigns (as of version 1.16)

  1. A Tale of Two Brothers (363 YW)
  2. The South Guard (607—608 YW)
  3. Liberty (501 YW)
  4. Heir to the Throne (520—521 YW)
  5. The Hammer of Thursagan (550—551 YW)
  6. Descent Into Darkness (389 YW)
  7. Eastern Invasion (625—627 YW)
  8. Dead Water (626—627 YW)
  9. Delfador's Memoirs (468—470 YW)
  10. Secrets of the Ancients (22—23 YW)
  11. The Rise of Wesnoth (2 BW—1 YW)
  12. Sceptre of Fire (25—40 YW)
  13. Legend of Wesmere (19—93 YW)
  14. Son of the Black Eye (842—858 YW)
  15. Under the Burning Suns (300 AF)
  16. Northern Rebirth (534—535 YW)