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Recap / A Series Of Unfortunate Events S 02 E 04 The Ersatz Elevator Part 2

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The Baudelaires must come up with a way of rescuing the Quagmires while also foiling Olaf's new accomplice. Meanwhile, a familiar face joins the fight and volunteers her services.

  • Evil Laugh: Esmé gets a huge, maniacal laugh after tossing the Baudelaires down the elevator. It helps that the elevator itself echoes her laughter.
  • Hope Spot: For about five seconds, Esmé pretends to be reasonable and down-to-earth enough that the Baudelaires trust her enough to confide their discoveries. And then she reveals her villainy and association with Olaf.
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  • Missed Him by That Much: The Baudelaires barely miss Jacques and Olivia in the ruins of their home. Justified since when they opened the hatch, they saw the tattoo on Jacques's ankle and mistook him for Olaf.
  • Red Herring: Olaf practically played this trope like a fiddle. He starts a bidding war over a box which he leads the Baudelaires to believe contains the Quagmires. It turns out to hold a box of doilies. He and Esmé use the chaos following his reveal to make his escape, and it's revealed that the Quagmires were spirited away in a statue of a red fish, making it a literal example.

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