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There is no protection from the evil blackhole that eats time that is TV Tropes. It's like the Bermuda Triangle of the Internet.
A poster on Kerberos Production forums

...I've never gone toe-to-toe with [Hard Head 2] in an actual arcade, but it was brought to my attention via the Wikipedia page for the first game (don't ask me how I got there, you know how it is with Wikipedia; you start on Batman and end at Cow Tipping)...
Gaming Hell, reviewing Hard Head 2

Hypertext offers loads of advantages. If while reading online you come across the name “Antaeus” and forget your Greek mythology, a hyperlink will take you directly to an online source where you are reminded that he was the Libyan giant who fought Hercules. And if you’re prone to distraction, you can follow another link to find out his lineage, and on and on. That is the duality of hyperlinks. A hyperlink brings you to information faster but is also more of a distraction.

Reading online is thus not just about reading text in isolation. When you read news, or blogs or fiction, you are reading one document in a networked maze of an unfathomable amount of information. My own research shows that people are continually distracted when working with digital information. They switch simple activities an average of every three minutes (e.g. reading email or IM) and switch projects about every 10 and a half minutes. It’s just not possible to engage in deep thought about a topic when we’re switching so rapidly.
—Professor Gloria Mark, in her article "The Effects of Perpetual Distraction"

"Computer. Define 'Earth'.... Define 'Sea'.... Define 'Hoedown'."
The Captain, WALL•E


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