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The emaciated spirit preys upon minds in sleep. It finds the savage hunger within its host. It incubates in that red space. The craving curse. The greed virus. Transmitted down the generations. Every morning, the victim wakes up hungrier, more covetous. Those they hate, they want to devour out of spite. Those they love, they want to devour out of lust — to become a locket containing a gory cameo. "After all," whispers the spirit, "Someone in your belly can never leave you." The first mouthful of fellow flesh transforms the soul-sick wretch forever. More sickness than species, their accursed metabolism is a torture: however much they consume, they can never be sated. The black hole can only widen. It is a cycle of feast, famine, and fury. The cycle stretches the beast's unnaturally long lifespan...
The Buzzing, The Secret World


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