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We see the Queen of Vampires. We see Mara. Centuries of power trapped in the halls of the turbulent mind of an eighteen-year-old. She is the instigator of the current woes of Transylvania. She has always lived apart from the world in the surreal bubble of royalty, from the Sultan's opulence, to princess of Wallachia, to a first-blooded vampire queen, she has strutted through five centuries recklessly and selfishly. At turns, she plays at the highest levels of supernatural intrigue — all while being driven by turmoil more personal...
The Buzzing, The Secret World

Legends tell of an ancient Vampire Queen who resides high in the World's Edge Mountains. Most believe it to be merely an old wives' tale. A few scholars know better. The Vampire Queen of Mysteries does indeed exist, and those who know call her Neferata, which means "she who is beautiful in death" in the ancient tongue of Nehekhara, the Land of the Dead.
It is claimed that she is the same decadent Vampire Queen who fled the sack of Lahmia. if this is true, she is very ancient indeed, for the great River Mortis has flown for three thousand years since those events. Legends say that she created the Vampiric Lahmian Sisterhood to serve her and it is due to her that all those Vampires are corrupted by her blood.
Warhammer: Vampire Counts Army Book (5th edition)

Throughout history, while the other Clans have skulked about their petty intrigues, the Ventrue have curried favor with Caesar, whispered into the ear of Charlemagne, bankrolled the Age of Exploration, and even swayed policy in the Holy See. Theirs is a legacy of rulership, from Ventrue fledglings starting their climb to the top to the mightiest elders whose influence spans the world. Long have they played kingmaker in the shadows in the mortal world, and long have they been the Clan of Kings among the Kindred.
Vampire: The Masquerade - Rulebook (20th ed)


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