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Phelous: I love pollution. Let's go fight Captain Planet!
Linkara: I'm going to leave my car on!
Both in unison: MWAHAHAHAHAHA!
Channel Awesome review of The Airzone Solution, parodying the Evil, Inc. Airzone's ideas about the environment.

Most of the time, when Garou talk about "the rape of Gaia," they're being figurative. After all, no matter how profound the indignities heaped on the environment by the swarm of Pentex subsidiaries, it's a long way from dumping or toxic spills to the sort of brutal immediacy implied by the phrase. With Endron, it's something else again: Endron's whole modus operandi is one of stabbing, vicious violation, of tearing resources from the earth without any concern for any collateral damage. Of all the many heads of the Pentex hydra, it is Endron that the Garou hate the most.
Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Subsidiaries: A Guide To Pentex

Jesus Christ, look how much we're pumping out! This is bad! I thought the other spills were bad, but I also thought that they might be contained like we had some sort of plan if this happened, but this is a river! I'm not a bleeding-heart ecologist, and I've got more pressing things on my mind, but fuck me! If this gets into the groundwater... Well, that's it. We've already been playing crash-and-burn with this entire facility, this is us pissing on the ashes as our final tribute to the whole community.
Gordon Freeman upon seeing a river of radioactive waste underneath the Black Mesa facility, Freeman's Mind

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