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"You've got the touch... You've got the power... Yeah!"
Stan Bush, "The Touch"

"You hear that? The theme song's playing! That's how dead you are!"
Vegeta lampshading this trope during the GRAD boss battle in Renegade for Life: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - 7 -

Even Uno notices that the music has given Fate a boost in magical power... Or that Fate's magical power boost started the music, I'm not too sure which. Both are equally valid options.

Game Grumps: OH! Is that some Megalovania I hear? We are in TROUBLE, boyo!
GaLm: Oh shit. This music. Oh God. [...] I'm gonna die today.
The Epic Tone: Megalovania is Sans?! Because that was definitely Megalovania for about two seconds! It's Sans! Ohh... Oh God... Of all the things I imagined that boss fight to be...
— Various streamers about to fight Sans as the Final Boss of the Genocide Route in Undertale

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