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Holden: Earth and Mars have been stepping on the necks of the Belters out here for over a hundred years, and I didn't want to be the boot.
Lopez: So you decided to switch sides?
Holden: I stopped playing.
During Holden's interrogation aboard the Donager - Season 1 Episode 3, "Remember the Cant"

You know what I love most about Mars? They still dream. We gave up. They're an entire culture dedicated to a common goal, working together as one to turn a lifeless rock into a garden. We had a garden and we paved it.
Franklin Degraaf - Season 1 Episode 3, "Remember the Cant"

Lopez: Can I ask you a question? Do you miss Earth?
Holden: If I did, I'd go back.
Lopez: My great uncle emigrated from Earth. He missed it terribly. He used to tell me stories when I was a little boy about these...endless blue skies, free air everywhere, open water all the way to the horizon. He told me that someday we would make Mars just like that. When you spend your whole life living under a dome, even the idea of an ocean seems impossible to imagine. I could never understand your people. Why, when the universe has bestowed so much upon you, do you seem to care so little for it?
Holden: Wrecking things is what Earthers do best. Martians too, by the look of your ship.
Lopez: We are nothing like you. The only thing Earthers care about is government handouts. Free food, free water, free drugs so you can forget the aimless lives you lead. You're short-sighted, selfish... and it will destroy you. Earth is over, Mr. Holden. My only hope is that we can bring Mars to life before you destroy that, too.
Season 1 Episode 4, "CQB"

Earthers get to walk outside into the light, breathe pure air, look up at a blue sky, and see something that gives them hope. And what do they do? They look past that light, past that blue sky. They see the stars, and they think, 'Mine.'
Anderson Dawes - Season 1 Episode 5, "Back to the Butcher"

You're either some kind of genius, Mr. Holden, or you're the luckiest dipshit in the solar system.
Fred Johnson - Season 1 Episode 6, "Rock Bottom"

I have a file with 900 pages of analysis and contingency plans for war with Mars, including fourteen different scenarios about what to do if they develop an unexpected new technology. My file for what to do if an advanced alien species comes calling is three pages long, and it begins with "Step 1: Find God."
Chrisjen Avasarala - Season 2 Episode 6, "Paradigm Shift"

Avasarala: So, what do you think?
Cotyar: Why do you pretend you care about my opinion?
Avasarala: Indulge me.
Cotyar: It's a fucking trap.
Avasarala: Oh, you're so predictable.
After receiving Jules-Pierre Mao's offer - Season 2 Episode 11, "Here There Be Dragons"

Where's your pride, beltalowdas? You are tougher than anyone in the system! Every single one of you knew, you were certain, on the day you were born, our life is hard. Now...there's air for only fifty two aboard. Only fifty two of us can go. There will be children, young women, and young men getting on. We have to stay back; we have to stay back. So let's be tough, and do what needs to be done.
Champa, organizing the evacuation of Ganymede station - Season 2 Episode 12, "The Monster and the Rocket"

Amos: You're not that guy. You're not that guy.
[Prax leaves]
Amos: I am that guy. [blows Strickland's brains out]
Talking Prax down from killing Strickland - Season 3 Episode 6, "Immolation"

Oye, Beltalowda. Listen up. This is your Captain, and this is your ship. This is your moment. You might think that you're scared, but you're not. That isn't fear. That's your sharpness. That's your power. We are Belters. Nothing in the void is foreign to us. The place we go is the place we belong. This is no different. No one has more right to this, none more prepared. Inyalowda go through the Ring, call it their own, but a Belter opened it. We are the Belt. We are strong, we are sharp, and we don't feel fear. This moment belong to us. For Beltalowda! Beltalowda! Beltalowda!
Camina Drummer - Season 3 Episode 9, "Intransigence"


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