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The books:

The TV Series

Season 1

    Episode #1: "Dulcinea" 
  • The intro, showing humanity's ascension from being earthbound to becoming an interplanetary civilization, set to a soaring melody as we take a grand tour of the Solar System.
  • The establishing shot of Ceres, going from a ship coming in to dock and making its way through the different levels, showing the hollowed-out structure of the asteroid and the socioeconomic divides of the station, backdropped by the narration of an agitator in the Medina and neatly setting up most of the major themes of the story.
  • The Canterbury executing a high-g maneuver, demonstrating the show's (mostly) realistic physics, the effects of acceleration, and even the sparkling trail of propellant mass left by the "Cant's'' drive plume!
  • Miller, after an entire episode of ignoring the problems of Ceres Station and taking bribes from a slumlord named Vargas whose cut corners poisoned the air for an entire residential block, hits his limit after he hears the kid of one of his neighbors coughing to the point where she can't play with her friends.
    • So what does he do? The natural thing for a Belter when someone messes with the air: he drags Vargas to an airlock, tosses him in, and nearly suffocates him to death by venting all the atmosphere, before telling him to keep those filters clean.
    Miller: Air is good, don't you think? Air is nice.
    Episode #4: "CQB" 
  • The Rocinante crew has to turn off their grav boots to be fast enough to run through gunfire. When Holden and Naomi lose their grip on the catwalk, Holden does some quick thinking involving Newton's third law to get them back on track.
    Episode #8: "Salvage" 
  • Miller and the Rocinante crew's dual investigations finally meeting up in the middle of a huge gun battle.
    Episode #10: "Leviathan Wakes" 
  • Miller embracing his roots as a Belter as he riles up the crowd to attack the soldiers oppressing them.


Season 2

    Episode #2: "Doors and Corners" 
  • The Rocinante taking out the much larger and better armed stealth gunship protecting Thoth Station is pretty awesome, especially given that most of the simulations both before and after suggested that it would easily destroy the Roci.

    Episode #5: "Home" 
  • Miller and Julie Mao stopping Eros from destroying Earth. Miller reaches the human consciousness of Julie Mao, trapped at the heart of the Protomolecule, and shows her compassion and love. This gives her the strength to redirect Eros into Venus (pictured above), this saving Earth from annihilation. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.

    Episode #11: "Here There Be Dragons" 
  • Bobbie finally getting completely fed up with the Government Conspiracy and proceeding to beat the ever-loving shit out of Martens. She then proceeds to steal evidence, escape, and reach the Earth border to request political asylum. In five minutes, she manages to expose the entire conspiracy with just her fists.

    Episode #13: "Caliban's War" 
  • The Roci showing up for a very literal Gunship Rescue to shoot down the torpedoes fired at the unarmed refugee ship Weeping Somnambulist. Followed by Holden talking their way through the approaching UNN and MCRN battle fleets over Ganymede by threatening everyone and invoking Mutual Assured Destruction.
    Holden: (after having target locked everyone within range): This is the warship Rocinante. You're aware of our capabilities more than anyone. We're escorting a vessel of refugees away from your AO.note  Any ship that opens fire on us will feel the sum total of our state-of-the-art Martian arsenal rammed up its ass. We'll all die together. This is our only and final warning, stay clear.

Season 3

    Episode #2: "IFF" 
  • The Roci manages to intercept, blind, then blow the engines off a much larger and better armed UNN Leonidas-class warship chasing the Razorback in one hell of a Big Damn Heroes moment.
    Holden: We're punching above our weight here. We need to end this now.

    Episode #6: "Immolation" 
  • Amos stops Prax from killing Strickland.
    Prax very clearly wants to shoot, but he hasn't killed anyone before and Strickland is on his knees, begging, selling the "terrified good guy" act perfectly
    Amos: (appears from off-screen, gently lowering Prax's gun) You're not that guy. You're not that guy.
    Prax leaves
    Strickland: (standing up, relieved to be alive) Thank you. Thank you.
    Amos turns to him. Strickland's face falls.
    Amos: I am that guy.

    Episode #9: "Intransigence" 
  • Camina's rousing speech
    We are the belt, we are strong, we are sharp and we don't feel fear. This moment belongs to us. Beltalowda! Beltalowda! Beltalowda!

Season 5

    Episode #7: "Oyedeng" 
  • Naomi escaping from Marco's ship, by throwing herself out an airlock. Without an EVA suit. Thanks to injecting herself with a hyper-oxiginized blood sample, she survives.

    Episode #8: "Hard Vacuum" 
  • Despite being in bad shape after her time in the vacuum in the previous episode, Naomi still strains herself in an effort to stop the fake distress call that's luring Holden to her, and manages to alter the call to say just what she wants it to.

    Episode #9: "Winnipesaukee" 
  • Drummer, after putting up with being forced to join the Free Navy and having even her Number Two Oksana side with them, finally gets sick of being Locked Out of the Loop and calls Oksana out on keeping secrets from her.
    Drummer: Don't treat me like a child! I've earned the truth. Marco killed Klaes Ashford, and I sat on my hands and played nice with him so you would be safe. He killed a woman I loved, and now he wants me and mine to murder her friends, and I go along again. How much shit do I have to eat before you treat me with some respect?!

    Episode #10: "Nemesis Games" 
  • Drummer finally has enough and mutinies against Karal before the latter can start firing on the Rocinante. Her crewmates Michio and Josep also rebel, with Josep following Camina's lead and firing on their fellow Free Navy ships, while Michio clocks Karal on the head and kills her before she can shoot Drummer.
    • Between Drummer changing sides and the Rocinante's own ammunition, they destroy the enemy Free Navy ships and thwart Marco's plan to destroy the Roci. Avasarala later states that Marco wanted to destroy it because it's a symbol of cooperation and camaraderie between Earthers, Martians, and Belters, which threatens the narrative of his goals; yet in the end, Drummer, a Belter herself, chose to side with this "symbol" as opposed to the all-Belter Free Navy, proving again that Marco's hateful, separatist ideology is not as strong as he wants it to be.
    • Naomi jumping off the Chetzemoka into free space in just a space suit that's low on oxygen to save Alex and Bobbie from getting themselves killed trying to dock with it to rescue her. Followed up by Bobbie managing to spot her free-floating, and saving her just before she dies from running out of oxygen.


  • The Save The Expanse movement, launched after Syfy announced they weren't picking up the show for a fourth season. Over the course of two weeks fans (supported by many of the series's cast and crew) rallied behind it and successfully got the show renewed by Amazon Studios. Highlights from the campaign include:
    • Hiring an Airads plane to fly a "#SaveTheExpanse" banner around Amazon headquarters on May 15th.
    • Sending a model of the Rocinante to near-space on a balloon.
    • Boosting ratings for the show by a significant margin on May 16th's "Immolation" and May 23rd's "Delta-V", which is rare to see mid-season.
    • Getting a total of 138,976 signatures on a petition to have Amazon or Netflix pick rescue the show.

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