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List of quotes from various Emiya Clan characters.

"Pithy, apropos quotes are optional, but they make us laugh."
Person who said it, Series Title, "Episode title (if applicable)"

Ulf Emiya

"Languages and writings are full of important things you normally wouldn't find in life, but I've found that living life is just as important."
Ulf Emiya

''"Goshujin-sama is the best! But he always has his nose in a book or a scroll...which is why it's my duty as his wife to get him to experience life!"
"Casko" on Ulf

"What in the assorted hells and underworlds...!?"
Ulf reacting in shock or surprise

Shinta Emiya

"...Did the Kaleidostick spawn when Rin-kaa-chan wasn't looking?"
Shinta Emiya, in response to Yuuno Scrya waving around a "girly-looking gem", Devil's Wings, "Chapter 1"

"Eeh, y-yeah... G-guess you w-win, N-Nanoha. We'll h-handle that Fate girl your... w-way."
Shinta Emiya, reacting after loosing a spar to Nanoha Takamachi, Devil's Wings, "Chapter 2 (Forum Flavor)"

"Shinta, no. Put the book down, and then come to dinner."
Assorted parents/siblings/friends after witnessing one too many collisions/accidents., Devil Wings A's, "Post-Season, Pre-Epilogue" and Unwritten (as of yet)

"Awww, but Rin-Kaa/Tou-san..."
Shinta to Rin/Shirou after being turned down yet another high level thaumaturgy book., Devil Wings A's, "Post-Season, Pre-Epilogue" and Unwritten (as of yet)

"No means no, especially after last time."
Rin/Shirou in response to above and numerous prior incidents in which Shinta nearly fried/exploded/splattered/bled out while experimenting with magecraft, Mid-Childan, and Belkan magic., Devil Wings A's, "Post-Season, Pre-Epilogue" and Unwritten (as of yet)

"Are you sure you're not going to blow yourself up again? Because that's what you said last time!"
Yuuno Scrya to Shinta after the latter pesters the former into helping him acquire whatever tome Rin denied him., Devil Wings A's, "Post-Season, Pre-Epilogue" and Unwritten (as of yet)

"...We've been had."
Shinta to Yuuno, as they watch Nanoha leave arm-in-arm with Fate, Devil Wings A's, "Epilogue Teaser Script"

"I don't know if I should thank you, or slap you upside the head. Sneaking around the house has gotten much more challenging since you started raiding the Restricted Section of the family Library... Fudge it, I'll do both. Thanks, ototo." ~WHAP~
Riko to Shinta., Devil's Wings Deadly Sky, "Pre-Season Short" and Unwritten (as of yet)

"Who the hell d'ya think we are, anyway? The Jarls of Frostmarch and Glenheim? The Imperial Zardon? Kosh?!" Finger-Point. "That's the White Devil. I'm her Falcon." Beat, then cue Slasher Smile. "Why aren't you running yet?"
Shinta Emiya to Curren Huckebein, Devil Wings Silver Cross, Unwritten (as of yet)

Keiko Emiya

"I am Keiko Emiya, and if I had a title, it would be something like the 'Bullet Terror' or 'The Gunslinger Queen'."
Keiko Emiya (duh!), In response to Guiche de Gramont. A Familiar Fate, Chapter 2

"Kari~in, I have something to show you~u."
Keiko, after one of Karin's pranks. During the 'He~ey' incident.

"I consider most of your requests, except for weapons of mass destruction, I mean. Now behave, and try not to get yourselves in trouble."
Shirou Emiya, to Keiko (and Karin). Lost in the World, Chapter 1

Karin Emiya

"Oh come on! Is just some skinship. Aren't we both girls?"
Karin, to Keiko.

Chiyo Emiya

"You're not planning to hurt each other, are you?"
Chiyo, while giving 'the Smile' to Keiko and Ulf.

Aoshi Emiya

"Miya-kaa-san always says that respect help people in life, so teaching than respect counts as helping people."
Aoshi (age 10), after beating a group of school bullies, trying to convince Shirou he made a good deed.

Fuuko Emiya

"How on earth did you managed to hold on your first kiss 'till today!?"
Aoshi, after hearing a brief description of Fuuko's love life. Reactions and Actions.

Sakuya Emiya

"The human mind is a beautiful thing. It entices, entrances, and empathizes with you...all while silently plotting how to crush you beneath it. It wasn't made to be ruled. Which is why it's so much fun to rule it."
Sakuya, on her work.

"Should your family fall to chaos and internecine war, I would bet everything I have on your victory. Of all of your siblings, you are the one that thrives on true chaos the most, and the only one with the temperament to master it."
Riven, complimenting his creator.

"Having one body and two minds isn't so bad. It gives you a way to be a total trolling bitch and still be sympathized with."
Sakuya, MO.

-"For one year or a thousand, this story will never get old, and never get dull. Because it has no ending, it is beautiful. Mankind's journey is a tale for the ages, and I will write help it as long as I can."
Sakuya, An Eternal Dream.

Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes.

"Why root allows these mongrels to keep finding women and starting to spawn more mongrels to give me even more trouble…"
Gilgamesh, after hearing Kaien might be reacting to Haruna Sairenji. Troubled Fate

"I said I'm not a cook, but if I must be one I will be The Cook. Wait and see little devil, for I Gilgamesh will surpass this expectations too!"
Gilgamesh, when asked why he 'can't' cook.

Mana Ryougi, "The Lady in Black"

"I wake up every morning, get ready for work when I'd rather sleep in, deal with annoying clients, try and keep my finances in order, eat shitty food because I'm on the job, sometimes get stiffed for my services, stay overtime because something has to be done immediately, and come home to find that my husband managed to burn dinner again. I'm like everyone else, only I kill people for a living."
Mana, when asked about her job.

"Family, job, principle, fun."
Mana, on her priorities.

"...So now I'm a legend. Who the fuck gives a shit?"
Mana, upon seeing the first book on the 'Lady in Black' on the news.

- "Kid, you want to know how to let loose? Jump from a skyscraper in the middle of the night towards a busy intersection in a major metropolis. Just let the wind toss you until the last possible second, when you rip out the cable and swing over the rush hour mess. Feels so free and scares the crap out of everyone below you."
Mana, a typical counseling session with her apprentice.

"No, I'm not afraid of most everything on this planet. I think my Mom killed my fear when she got tired of me crying as a kid."
Mana, on childhood.

Riven Zeruiah

- "Command me, Master."
Riven, to Erika.

- "By your word, My Lady."
Riven, to Sakuya.

- "Some insist on trying to treat us creations as people. We are not people. Our goals, values, and mindset are far different than humans. We are created for a purpose, and we are to live and die for that purpose. If we do not, then what point is there for us to step into this world to begin with?"
Riven, speaking to a clone he is about to kill.

- "Something cannot be beautiful unless it means something. Whether music, words, monuments, or even life itself. You cannot see what others look like, only what they are meant to be. That is why you are important to me. You look past the lies and the pointless aesthetics of the world, and tell me what it all really is."
Erika, to her servant.

- "For hundreds of years, she told me 'Go,' and I went. She told me 'Fight,' and I fought. She told me 'Give everything for my ambition,' and I gave everything I was. Now she has given me her last order, 'Live as a man, not a tool,' and so I say that as a man, I choose to freely love and protect you, until the very ends of time itself."
Riven, speaking to Sakuya after Erika's death.

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