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As you can see, The Clan is... quite large.

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     The Children (Sorted by Age) 

The Clan's eldest and Miya's son. He's as straight-laced as they come, quick to punish his siblings for their various pranks or perversions. He's inherited both the Hannya and the Asura, but generally favors the former for his punishments.

He attends Ouran Academy and is winged to Haruhi Fujioka.

Origin: Decency
Alignment: Lawful Good

"(Insert random crime here) is... prohibited."
Cue Hannya & Asura Masks from Takeshi.

  • Authority Equals Asskicking: He's the eldest child. We've never seen him in an actual fight, but when compared to the rest of the kids he always seems to come out on top.
  • Defrosting Ice King
  • Demon Head: He uses both of his parents' techniques to great effect.
  • Expy: His appearance is inspired by Odin from Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple.
  • Honest Corporate Executive: He is the heir to MBI. Once in charge, he runs it efficiently and honestly. That isn't to say that he doesn't sanction some underhanded stuff. He just usually leaves that to his cousin Saito.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: He favors archery as a hobby, but he trains seriously in his mother's sword style.
  • Not So Above It All: It's Ouran. Frankly we're surprised he made it to his third year unscathed.
  • Oh, Crap!: This happens to him when Haruhi gets her own mask.
  • Only Sane Man: He certainly feels like it in the Host Club.
  • Sweet on Polly Oliver: He has a brief moment of this when he Reacts to Haruhi. Fortunately his confusion doesn't last very long.
  • The World Is Not Ready: He takes the protection of the Masquerade very seriously, even to the point of trying to delay his Reaction for several months.
  • Their First Time: During the Christmas Party setup, he and Haruhi get really tired and sleep together without meaning to. He then reveals this while under the influence of the cocktail. Cue Miya going all Mama Bear.

Kiritsugu (Kiri)
Second son of Emiya Shirou and first born of Arturia Pendragon. Elder twin brother to Arika though paradoxically the shorter of the two (168 cm or 5'6"). Of all his siblings, he is the most experienced in warfare, especially after meeting his future self. Is one of the best in the clan when planning strategies. Kiritsugu is Serious and business like when doing something, is very cunning and protective of his sisters and child Aurora. Has an obsessive compulsion on being able to cook. He strives under an ideal that everyone should have choice and that his choice is to make a better world. Goes about such an ideal under the guise of the Black Knight.

Origin: Sin and Choice
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

"Now what can I cook today?"
A Prelude to Disaster

  • Big Brother Mentor: Literal one to Touma while he was training him in military strategy.
  • Black Knight: Has shades of this since his encounter with his future counterpart
  • Chivalrous Pervert: Despite how respectful he is with women of most caliburs, he's had more one night stands than most people care to remember.
  • Combat Pragmatist: His specialty.
  • Dead Guy Junior: Named after Shiro's adopted father.
  • Designated Victim: His cooking skill and his resilience make him a favorite target of his siblings for household pranks. This gets taken Up to Eleven with his cousin Mana, who not only enjoys messing with him when they're off duty, but even seeks him out on the battlefield to extort money for her services. Also, him suffering gives her a W.A.F.F..
  • Don't Tell Mama: Saber doesn't exactly approve of a few of his less than honorable escapades, so he keeps her in the dark most of the time.
  • The Dreaded: Aunt Taiga with Torashinai. Artemis with Torashotgun.
  • Doting Parent
  • Eldritch Abomination: Anything he tries to cook turns into one.
  • Father to His Men: Most of them are orphans whom he took in, so this could be taken literally.
  • Groin Attack: Victim, often. Courtesy of Artemis and her Shotgun.
  • Idiot Hair
  • Lethal Chef
  • Like an Old Married Couple: With Artemis. To the extent that it hurts.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Since he's named after Shirou's father, most everyone just calls him "Kiri" seeing how "Kiritsugu The Second" or "Kiritsugu Junior" is more of a mouthful.
  • Platonic Life-Partners: With Artemis, maybe.
  • Suckiness Is Painful: He sucks at poetry. A lot. His attempts are overly dramatic and oblique, usually not making sense or not being at all entertaining to read. Subverted in that they aren't known to cause pain, just vast pity.
    • Except those about women. Those ones are so bad they're hilarious.
  • Team Dad: Becomes so for his mercenary group.

Black Knight Kiritsugu: A Future-AU!Kiri who lived his life fully as a Black Knight An alternate future of Kiritsugu that lived according to the ideal he strived for his whole life. Though much of his past is not clear, it is known that he had three children in his life. Two of them, Gwen and Bedivere are only mentioned by name. While the third, who ended up being named Aurora in the current timeline, was killed by the Black Knight in his timeline and ended up being his greatest regret. When sent back in time, he sacrificed his life to save and redeem his daughter who he named Aurora before he died on what was the equivalent of his 90th birthday.

"Forward! Forward! Forward! Always Keep Moving Forward!"
Dogs of War motto

Kiritsugu's twin and Reiko's second favorite sibling. She's normally easy-going, but she can also be set off easily. She received Caliburn as a family heirloom and keeps it as one of her personal treasures.

Through some Time Travel Hijinks, she found herself in ancient Camelot at the same time a certain knight was trying to join the Round Table.

Origin: Domination
Alignment: Lawful Good

"I forgive you. This time, and this time only."
Arika, after punching a guy into the floor, no less.

  • A-Cup Angst
  • Berserk Button: Talk about her chest, talk about her height, talk about her age, talk about Lancelot...
  • Cool Sword: And the sword in question, Caliburn.
  • Cute Bruiser: Despite being the daughter of King Arthur, she prefers Good Old Fisticuffs.
    • At least until she ends up caught in a Time Travel warp and sent back to the days of Camelot. Then she was forced to apply her sword skills.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: She gets mad very easily. She gets violent even easier.
  • Huge School Girl: She's 185 cm (6'1") tall!
  • Has Two Mommies: Saber/Arturia and Rin, jokingly.
  • Idiot Hair
  • Katanas Are Just Better: She is a prodigy with two-handed broadswords, but...
  • Megaton Punch: Her favorite attack is a prana-burst enhanced haymaker.
    Falcon PAWNCH!
  • My Future Self and Me: During the Christmas Party she ends up summoning Lily!Arika as part of the second botched attempt to summon Lancelot. The first attempt brought BK!Kiri.
  • Mythology Gag: Due to her stay in Camelot, she ends up having white magical armor that doesn't hides her femininity. This, along with the fact she wields Caliburn, refers to the design of Saber Lily, who appeared as an alternate costume for Saber in Fate/unlimited codes.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Shortly after her arrival in the past, she accompanies Lancelot in aiding an attacked village. One of the victims mistake her for King Arthur.
  • Tsundere: Type B
  • Yandere: Alter!Arika for Lancelot

The son(daughter?) of Homura. He shares his mother's control over fire and her luck with staying a consistent gender.

He was minding his own business one day when an alien princess dropped out of thin air and landed on his lap. And then another one landed his spaceship on him.

Origin: Luck
Alignment: Neutral Good

"Oh, come on! What's the worse that could happen?"
Kaien, right before the universe answers.

Haru & DA!Haru
Son of Altrouge Brunestud, and one-quarter Dead Apostle himself. He enjoys training for combat and seeks out various people to fight against or train him. He knows he has the possibility to go berserk if his DA-ancestry ever awakens, so he strives to suppress it even in the midst of combat.

He attends Youkai Academy and has gathered himself quite the harem on his own. Also has UFO Princess Valkyrie as well.

Origin: Battle
Alignment: Chaotic Good

"Oh yea, keep talking. Just shows me I haven't punched you hard enough yet."
Haru Emiya, Youkai Academy student.

Dead-Apostle Haru: A future-AU!Haru who gave in fully to his Dead-Apostle Ancestry

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

"Take it from a guy who's tried; You can't save everyone. You're not God. You'll only drive yourself insane every time you fail."
Lessons From The Future

Kyon (see Suzumiya Haruhi)
The son of Uzume and has inherited her ability to snark in any situation. In a family notable for being utterly bonkers, he possesses the ultimate superpower... of Common Sense.

Haruhi Suzumiya is his Ashikabi, but there is a standing order to not let her know anything about The Clan, for the exact same reasons given in the original series.

Origin: Causality
Alignment: True Neutral

"To someone who doesn't know my family, maybe. Among my brothers and sisters, though, being able to make swords appear out of thin air is more common than Common Sense."
Kyon, when confronted by Haruhi about having a "lame" power.

The daughter of Chiho Hidaka, Uzume's Ashikabi, she's the least magically inclined member of the Clan. What she lacks in superhuman abilities she makes up with sheer effort and training, which has made her one of the top physical fighters in the family. However, something about growing up around Rin and Miya has resulted in a smile that sends chills down the spine of even the most hardened children. Nobody messes with Chiyo.

She attends Hakuou Academy and is in a relationship with Hinagiku Katsura, as well as having winged the daughter of Kuno and Haruka Shigi, survivors of the Sekirei Plan.

Origin: Health
Alignment: True Neutral

Aya is the daughter of Tsukiumi, but does not share her mother's aggressive personality. She does not have very strong powers on her own, but she has the ability to boost the magical abilities of those close to her, especially her Ashikabi.

While accompanying Shirou on a business trip to the London Clock Tower, she witnessed a rather scrawny boy confronting a gang of bullies and moved to his aid, only to be caught up in an attack from demonic shades.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Chisame (see Mahou Sensei Negima!)
Chisame is the daughter of Matsu, but was kidnapped from the hospital by outsiders attempting to intimidate the newly formed Emiya Clan. The kidnappers did not succeed, but the baby was still lost and ended up as a foster child.

She was found years later, while attending Mahora Academy, and retroactively winged herself once she had been made aware of her half-Sekirei nature.

Origin: Gravitate
Alignment: True Neutral

"My classmates include a ghost, upwards to five mages, two half demons, one full demon, a vampire, a mad scientist, a martial artist that can destroy buildings with a single punch, a ninja, two extremely rich girls, a gynoid, a lesbian onmiyouji heiress and her princess of an ancient magic kingdom of a best friend but I'm STILL the most unique person in class! What. The. Fuck!?!?"
Chisame Emiya on her life.

Daughter of Kazehana and grew into her mother's personality far too much for most people's comfort. She's playful and flirty with all sorts of people, though her excuse was that she was simply "training" herself to be able to control her Reaction whenever it finally happened.

During her school years she chose to wing herself on a junior female student, which also happened to be her brother Aoshi's girlfriend. This has not stopped her from continuing on as "Public Obscenity v2", according to Miya.

Origin: Seduction
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

"You're sure don't know how to treat a girl do you? Girls like boys who care for them, threat them nicely, and make they feel... hot."
Fuuko, to some poor soul soon to be acquainted to some of her toys.

Son of a Female, AU-Version of Jack the Ripper. Was taken by an organization of magi known as the Abbey at a young age, where he was experimented on and tortured for roughly ten years before being brought to the EC!Universe. He then became an idol singer in order to find the Shirou of this universe. Then he was found by Kiri and after a rather tearful 'reunion', officially joined the clan.

Eventually gets happily married to a fellow idol. Then, falls into a rift in reality made by his drunk sister and ends up a soldier on The Gallian Front.

His time under torture and experimentation morphed his Origin and gave him a cold blooded Alter ego, 'The Ghost'.

Origin: Serenity
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

"Hi there! This is Touma! Touma is really happy to meet you!"
Touma under normal circumstances.

"I will get those I care for out alive. What happens to this body is inconsequential. As is all that happens to the enemy."
Touma as "The Ghost".

  • Action Survivor
  • Aura Vision: Has a version of Eagle Vision.
  • Becoming the Mask: For a good part of his early life, Touma is trying to become the happy, cheery kid he portrays himself to be to the world, even as he grows into adulthood. However, due to the damage he suffered at the Abbey, this is pretty much impossible.
  • Bedmate Reveal: Does this with any family member, particularly his siblings, to the point where he never actually sleeps in his own room. Without the sexual implications.
    • In Paradox Sun, he ends up in this situation with both Freesia and Jane...and this time, it does come with the sexual implications.
  • Big Brother Worship: To Haru (nicknamed Haruru).
  • Bullet Time: Can do this in short bursts consecutively thanks to the Assassin's Impulse.
  • Chick Magnet: Just like many others in the clan.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Having Mana Ryougi and Kiritsugu as your combat instructors makes this a given.
  • Comfort Food: Tea Biscuits
  • Earn Your Goddamn Happy Ending: By god does Touma go through a lot of crap before he gets his.
  • Generation Xerox: In Paradox Son, despite his best efforts, he ends up earning the affections of all of the girls in his platoon that aren't already in a relationship or in possession of Incompatible Orientation.
  • Growing Up Sucks: The VC!Verse is not kind to his body or his psyche.
  • Father to His Men: Eventually, once he gets the hang of command.
  • Happily Married to Shijou Takane, of Idolm@ster fame.
  • Hyper-Awareness: Can not only discern the slightest noises, smells, and feelings over a couple hundred yard radius, he can even filter out irrelevant info.
  • Idol Singer: Rare male example.
  • Improvised Weapon: Can use almost anything.
  • Jekyll & Hyde: His normal, carefree self, and 'The Ghost.'
  • Keet
  • Knife Nut: Very good with pointy objects thanks to Mana Ryougi's tutelage.
  • More Expendable Than You: Considers himself this way to everyone in the Clan.
    • And eventually, to Squad Seven
  • Must Make Him Smile: His mission to get DA!Haru (dubbed 'Frowny Haruru') to crack an actual smile.
    • Also played with when it comes to his assassin instructor Mana. Being the Nietzsche Wannabe she is, he struggles to get her to look at her life more cheerfully.
  • Ninja: 'The Ghost's' way of doing things.
  • Nietzsche Wannabe: Mostly concerning himself. A bit when it comes to the world.
  • Scars Are Forever: He has a lot of them from the Cold-Blooded Torture he went through, and a few more from the Training from Hell that came a few years after that ended. He believes that their existence marks him as a defiled person and hates showing it to anyone barring Takane and Mana, who have convinced him otherwise for different reasons.
    • It's implied that the scars may have a bit more importance than just scars if his dreams in Paradox Sun are anything to go by.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: 'The Ghost'
  • The Dreaded: Luvia, after learning her full name.
    • He eventually becomes one himself.
  • The Nick Namer: Gives a nickname to everyone who he considers a friend... which is usually everyone who he's spoken to for more than two sentences. Usually.
  • Third-Person Person
  • Undying Loyalty: To the entire Clan, particularly Shirou.
  • Unfazed Everyman: Dropped in a parallel universe? Drafted into the army? Stuck on the front lines of a grueling war? Nope, nothing to worry about here.

Rhianna (Riko)
Daughter of Medusa (Rider) and shares her Gorgon ancestry. Her Mystic Eyes have the power to turn objects or people into various metals, though the effect is reduced greatly from even minor magic resistance. Her eyes are naturally silver with square pupils, though they appear as a violet color through her glasses.

Origin: Trickery
Alignment: Chaotic Evil (According to her nanny)

"Good question but I'll have to get back to you on that later, a bit busy at the moment."
Riko when asked about her hobbies other then pranks before she slips into an air vent just as a pink-and-tie-dyed Gilgamesh storms into the room.

The son of Aoko Aozaki, the Blue.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

"I like to blow useless things up. It's very... therapeutic. Yet, considering the way our family attracts trouble, I would trade The Blue for Teleport any day of the week."
Aoshi, when questioned about his powers.

Ivone is the daughter of Bazett. Unlike most of her family members, part of her childhood was spent living with the Fraga clan until her teenage years. As a result, she only knows of her father mostly through the stories told of him.

Origin: Pantheon
Alignment: Lawful Good

The daughter of Rin Tohsaka and heir to the Tohsaka's Family Crest. She's very proficient in her mother's magecraft, though she finds that jewels are far too expensive to use when she merely wants to see something blow up.

During her early teenage years, when she was receiving her Crest, she triggered a Reaction and winged her sister Karin. However, she's also met and developed a bit of interest in a certain international mercenary group.

Origin: Denial
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

"The gun freak? She is doing like usual: fighting revolutionary groups, developing new ways to blow things up, killing kidnappers, developing new MAGICAL ways to blow things up, responding Karin's sexual abuse with the physical counterpart… and oh, developing more ways for things to blow up by themselves!"
An anonymous Emiya sibling, when asked about their sister Keiko.

Koyuki is the daughter of Akitsu, and shares her control over frozen water. She tends to be quiet and composed around her family and even more withdrawn in public. For a Sekirei she's physically weak, although she's still above-average for a baseline human. Her tendency to think things through completely also carries over to her combat style, which makes her reaction times horribly slow.

During a visit to the Nerima-ward in Tokyo, she winged herself on Ranma Saotome. Although she's unable to compete physically with the rest of the Nerima Wrecking Crew, her control over snow/meltwater has allowed her to hold her own against her major detractors.

Origin: Solace
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

  • Arranged Marriage: Genma and his habit of bartering his son for food struck again. In this case, after he and Soun sealed the master, Genma wanted something cool. He stumbled upon Akitsu, who was vacationing with the Clan, and basically gave his future son's hand in marriage for a frozen treat.
  • Deflector Shields: Her primary defense is to throw up a wall of snow at anything that approaches her... then dive out of the way as it breaks through.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: She's perfectly okay if Ranma chooses one of his fiancées over her... but she'd still like to be part of his harem as a secondary wife.
  • If It's You, It's Okay: Is not bothered by Ranma's curse.
  • Mundane Utility: Give her the proper ingredients and she can whip up a bowl of ice cream worth dying for.
  • A Snow Person
  • Snowball Fight: Well... yes
  • Spock Speak
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality
  • Trap Master: Her offensive strategy consists in covering the battlefield with snow, forcing opponents to either avoid those areas and give her control of the field, or risk turning into People Puppets.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Her abilities with snow are noted to be significantly less damaging than Akitsu's ice.
    • People Puppets: However, her control over it is so great that if a target has a significant portion of their body covered in snow, she can treat them as a giant snowball and manipulate them freely.

Karin is Matsu's second daughter, but with Chisame's disappearance she was spoiled to death. She shares her mother's ability to manipulate electronics and computers, but mostly uses her control over security cameras to gather blackmail and do a bit of peeping.

During her early teenage years she Reacted to and winged herself on Keiko. She doesn't mind at all.

Origin: Dream
Alignment: Neutral Evil

"I like you too Gil-san, but mom said I have to wait 'til I'm at least 14 before I have sex."
Karin, all of four years old, the night after receiving The Talk from her mother Matsu.

Sakuya is the daughter of Sakura Matou. She's grown up much more confident than her mother, though she tries to emulate her mannerisms as much as possible. She inherited a small portion of Angra Mainyu, which has affected her abilities and given her a literal split personality.

Origin: Fable
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

"I am the daughter of Shirou and Sakura Emiya, magus of the clock tower, dedicated researcher, aspiring novelist, recognized psychologist, and the only thing that keeps the walking iota of madness known as Erika Sahashi from turning this place into a scene from Saw."
"Don't forget closet lesbian."
"And my alter ego is an annoying bitch sometimes."
"You're just upset because I can admit what you can't."
Sakuya, "Talking to Yourself"

  • Awkward Mother Daughter Bonding Activity: Sakura teaches Sakuya and Erika how to work her S&M machines. With Tsukumi as the unwilling victim.
  • Berserk Button: She is normally a calm and rational person. However, start messing with people she likes and she will make your life a living Hell without even touching you.
    • Her second button are people who fight for "mundane" or "boring" reasons like self gratification or profit. Added to this are people who endlessly preach their ideals but aren't willing to follow them to Hell and back.
  • Black Magic: Main modicum of battle. Not evil magic per se, but it definitely up there.
  • Casting a Shadow
  • The Chessmaster: With her origin — "Fable" — she can be a master of manipulation.
  • Combat Pragmatist: She assumes that everyone she meets will be stronger than her in some way. She then looks too blindside, weaken, or trick her opponents in any way possible.
    • Mundane Solution: Often how she wins her fights. A lot of people are so caught up in their massive power that they fail to catch the obvious defects in it. She takes advantage of this in any way possible.
  • Combat Tentacles
  • Covert Pervert
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Seriously, I'm awesome.
  • Energy Ball: She has one that acts like a Pinball Projectile that she controls as a puppet. It's coated in a Mana Drain spell for extra pain.
  • Eternal Love: With Riven.
  • Glass Cannon: She's a Squishy Wizard, no two ways about it. She relies on traps, mentalism, and mobility to keep out of harm's way, and later, Riven acts as a shield and a distraction so that she can deal with enemies from afar.
  • Gollum Made Me Do It
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Her and Erika. Erika's happy moods get along with Yang, while her not so happy moods find common ground with Yin.
  • Hidden Eyes: On occasion when she swaps personalities
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: While Erika sometimes treats her like the minion (and she often lets her do it), she is what keeps her cousin firmly grounded in reality and out of trouble. Usually.
  • Lady of Black Magic
  • Living Forever Is Awesome: She never gets tired of watching mankind grow, even centuries and millennia into the future.
  • Living Shadow: She can split off her shadows to create semi-autonomous minions to do battle for her. However, after realizing that it takes too much mental power to control them compared to just relying on Erika, she instead opts for a different model based on her Combat Tentacles and Energy Balls.
  • Mana Drain: Her signature ability.
  • Meaningful Name: Her two personalities are called Yin and Yang.
  • Morality Chain: Partially to Erika. While no saint herself, she does reign in her cousin a lot.
  • Movie Superheroes Wear Black: Her typical ensemble eventually consists of black slacks, a black cardigan, a small black shoulder cape, black boots, black gloves, a black beret, and a red tie. Color scheme much?
  • Perpetual Smiler: Very calming as Yang. Very frightening as Yin
  • People Puppets: She can inject her shadows into a person either to inflict massive amounts of pain, or to bring them under her control for a short duration. The drawback is she very nearly kills herself doing it.
  • Personality Swap: Yang and Yin's persona are reversed when they're drunk
  • Power Trio: With Riven's inhuman strength, speed, and weapon proficiency, Erika's overt magical prowess, and her more subtle but just as dangerous prana manipulation abilities, they're one of the deadliest combinations in the clan.
  • The Stoic: She earnestly strives to reach this to avoid flipping out.
  • Split-Personality Takeover
  • Subtext: With Erika. They of course know that it's just a partnership, but a lot of other people who don't know them well enough think they're going to collapse into hot hatesex any minute now.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: "my alter ego is an annoying bitch sometimes"
  • The Reliable One: To Erika's scatterbrain.
  • Torture Technician: When her and Erika get their hands on the S&M gear.
  • Walking the Earth: Long into the future.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Aside from pummeling things with her Combat Tentacles or Energy Ball, she doesn't have a lot of upfront offensive power. What she does have is a terrifying mind, a very specialized skillset, and little moral inhibition.
  • Yaoi Fangirl: Yin. Yang is more into Yuri.


The son of Medea of Colchis (Caster), also able to use Divine Words. He doesn't quite act like either of his parents, though he seems to have a sharp mind like both his parents, but takes more to staying in his room either reading or writing in various languages. His room basically counts as the clan library - thought mainly of the historical, language, and metaphysical knowledge.

Summoned Fate/EXTRA Playable Caster (Tamamo no Mae) in an attempt to impress his parents; they have since grown attached to each other.

Origin: Clockwork
Alignment: Chaotic Good

"Goshujin-sama is the best! But he always has his nose in a book or a scroll...which is why it's my duty as his wife to get him to experience life!"
Casko/Tamamo-no-Mae on Ulf.

Johnathan (Jun)
Son of Lorelei Barthomeloi. Eventually finds himself attending Koza high school in Okinawa where he runs across a certain strange vampire...

Origin: Adaptation and Metamorphosis
Alignment: Neutral Good

"The world around me seemed to slow to a crawl."

Son of Touko Aozaki, he tends to spend a good deal of time with his mother off the Emiya estate. His double origin of Composition and Research make his a natural Omnidisciplinary Scientist.

"In case anybody here unwisely plans to step out of line even more than usual, let me say something as acting guy-in-charge and resident Mad Scientist: Guinea Pigs!"
Souhiro Aozaki, Quoting Kevyn Andreyasn.

Origin: Composition and Analysis
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Shinta is the elder son of Musubi. While he has inherited some of his mother's brute strength, the majority of his Sekirei power is focused in light manipulation inherited from the soul of Yume that resides in Musubi.

Boredom may be the bane of most people, but for Shinta, it led him to find his future. Tagging along with Rin and Chiho to Uminari University Hospital (the adults were looking into an unusual medical case) meant that Shinta got the opportunity to raid a whole new library. However, part way through the afternoon he was distracted from his reading by nearby magical emanations, and wandered off. That is how he stumbled upon Yunno Scrya's attempt to deal with a Jewel Seed monster. Shinta tried to help the Adventurer Archaeologist, but it was only with the arrival of Nanoha Takamachi was the Jewel Seed sealed. Now Shinta is working with Nanoha and Yunno to deal with the Jewel Seeds, along with the more magically-inclined of his family, and later Fate and the TSAB.

He is also reacting to Nanoha. At the age of 9.

Origin: Translation
Alignment: Lawful Good (goes Lawful Evil Type 2 if he gets mad enough)

"Are you sure you're not going to blow yourself up again? Because that's what you said last time!"
Yuuno Scrya to Shinta after the latter pesters the former into helping him acquire a tome on magecraft that Rin and/or Shirou specifically denied him.

As interactions of the Emiya Clan and Takamachi family grow, Shinta himself has taken to learning Mid-Childan magic from Yuuno as well as learn the sword styles of Nanoha's two elder siblings.

  • Allergic to Routine (partially subverted): Shinta loves to read, but simply cannot STAND reading the same thing twice. Hence, he is forever searching for new reading material... and considering that his memory retention rate is obscene, well... mental encyclopedia is a rather rapt description.
  • Badass Bookworm: see above. Shares this trope with Yuuno after the two boys spend a summer training under Negi Springfield and Ku Fei.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Don't mess with Fate. Don't diss Nanoha. Don't rag on Yuuno. You won't like the results.
  • Dual Wielding: currently in training with wooden practice swords. Later, he'll pull this with LaserBlades!
  • Flash Step, a.k.a. "Shukuchi".
  • Good Is Not Dumb: again, see Routine and Bookworm tropes above.
  • Has Two Mommies: Musubi and Yume
  • Human Pack Mule: He IS Musubi's boy... And Arisa Bannings loves to see him suffer under loads of shopping bags via her, Suzuka, and Nanoha's latest shopping spree. Fate, less so. Hayate would much rather play dress-up...
  • Idiot Hair: Doesn't appear to be more than a genetic inheritance of his mother... But no one KNEW that until he managed to prank the whole family with a day as an ahoge-pulled fake!evil version of himself. Though Kumako, unlike everyone else, had an absolute BLAST playing Hero to her brother's Villain. The rest of the family completely freaked, however, at least until Sakuya picked out the discrepancies in Shinta's evil!act and gently called him on it. Afterward, in spite of a whole WEEK worth of dish-duty (in a family this big, dish-duty is a nightmare of a punishment)... "So. Totally. Worth it."
  • Light 'em Up and Hard Light. And Laser Blade. Oh yeah, and Storm of Blades too.
  • Must Make Her Laugh with regards to Fate Testarossa
  • Red Oni to Chrono Harlaown's Blue Oni
  • Weak, but Skilled in terms of magical ability, especially compared to Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate. Since Word of God says that Nanoha's AA-rank linker core is in league with Rin's 40 magic circuits, Shinta having only seven tells you something about his ingenuity as a magical combatant. The quote above is how he comes by this high degree of skill: through a great deal of painful experimentation.

After growing up:

Gekkou, ages 9(left) and 20 (Right)
Younger son of Tsukiumi, has inherited her water abilities but they aren't as strong as his mother's. Eventually gets forced to go to military school in Landseal, Gallia because of his lack of drive to find an ashikabi.

Alignment:Lawful Neutral

Younger daughter of Musubi, she inherited her mother's strength, ditziness, and hairstyle.

Origin: Mountain

"More rocks!"
Kumako, "Training in the Nerima Way"

Reiko & Eiko
Daughter of Karasuba. While the physical resemblance is strong, Reiko is quiet almost to the point of being creepy... To most people. To the Clan, she just is. To Haru specifically, she's "Chibi"; the nickname is a sign of their closeness, even among siblings.

Her Sekirei ability is inherited from her mother, and when revealed finally put an end to Karasuba's trolling on the same. It's "Time/Space", and consequently, the Kaleidosticks have difficulties messing with her. In reverse, Reiko can make the Kaleidosticks VERY uncomfortable with just a slight twist of her ability. When Ruby or Sapphire make one of their regular breaks from containment, it's Reiko who gets called on the job...

As a teenager (17), she and Touma get drunk enough to pass out... and wake up as prisoners on opposite sides of a world war; Reiko by the East Europan Empire, and Touma by their enemies.

Origin: Time
Alignment: Chaotic Good

"......My pudding......"
Reiko, approximately ten seconds before Apocalypse Wow.

"...KSR-0, people. It's clear."
Rin, after finding Kaleido Ruby in the hands of Reiko and, once again, entirely unable to escape or affect the girl.

Eiko: Future-AU!Reiko who self-winged in an effort to protect herself, at the moment in the Origins timeline where everything went to shit. It didn't help.

She mastered the Second Magic after centuries of practice. After traveling back to the present day, she took on the moniker "Eiko" to avoid confusion with her younger self.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil (While trolling)

"Time always marches on, it waits for no one, not even gods. Makes you wonder what I am doesn't it?"

Son of Luvia Edefelt.

Origin: Warlord
Alignment: Lawful Good

"I am neither the strongest or the weakest of the Clan. I'm not a knight, or a king, or divine, or anything. I'm just human. I'm only a soldier. And that's fine. The things I've done on this earth probably won't be remembered fifty, or even ten years from now. But I've done my duty with honor, and courage. My conscience is clean, and I'm honestly proud of what I've done, which is more than most people can claim. I've nothing more to prove. So go ahead. Fight for your self rightous ways, fight for the highest bidder. Or fight just to fight. But know that at least one person sees you all for what you really are; imperfect, fallible, unique."
Aleksi on personal philosophy.

Daughter of Luvia Edefelt.

Origin: Librarian
Alignment: Lawful Good

"I am a magus of the Edelfelt family, and from now on, you will speak to me with more respect."
Aliisa, before her Servant Rider lays out a Smackdown.

Daughter of Alaya-ko.

Alignment: True Neutral

"Oh come on! It's just the crystallized mystery of Hope! It's not like I hit you with the Sword of Rapture or something."
Shinra, some things are not meant to be said...

Daughter of Kusano. She has inherited her mother's plant manipulating abilities.

Origin: Growth and later on, Life
Alignment: Neutral Good

  • Green Thumb: Ichigo's powers are ((Generation Xerox) very similar to her mother's), though she had trouble conciously controlling them.
  • When Trees Attack: At one point in the distant past, someone (*cough*Zeltrech*cough*) thought it would be a good idea to bring some samples of Ent seeds back for Ichigo. She has since had years to experiment on different variants. If she sics one on you, your best hope of survival is to run away very fast.
Some of them are tough enough to wrestle the larger KTC's into submission.
  • Good Is Not Soft
  • Messianic Archetype: Her duty, as given to her by Gaia(which she accepted), was to do everything within her power to ensure that humanity does not create the Land of Steel again. Given the time frame that she has to work with, she has so far preferred the gradual change method, slowly expanding her influence within the world. If it starts getting too close to the tipping point, though, she may have to arrange something.....distasteful. She won't like it, she will regret having to do it, but make no mistake. She will do it.
  • Being Good Sucks

     The Parents (Sorted by their Children's Age) 

Shirou Emiya

  • Demon Head: Retains the Ashura from his Sekirei Plan days
  • Papa Wolf
  • Supreme Chef
  • Seen It All: It kinda helps that with 29 children of differing personalities causing all sorts of destruction, chaos and in Karin's case, acts of dubauchery

#01 Miya

Arturia Pendragon (Saber)

#06 Homura

Altrouge Brunestud

#10 Uzume

Chiho Hidaka

#09 Tsukiumi

#02 Matsu

#03 Kazehana

Medusa (Rider)

Aoko Aozaki

Rin Tohsaka

  • Berserk Button: When Luvia puts her hair into ringlets while she is asleep, the results are...disastrous.
  • Foe Yay: After everybody goes insane, she and Luvia have sex
  • Tsundere:Shirou's FIRST and occasionally uses that as an oblique dig at Tsukiumi and Luvia. Shirou teases her about it when he catches her in the act.
  • Zettai Ryouiki

#07 Akitsu

Sakura Matou

Lorelei Barthomeloi

Toukou Aozaki

#88 Musubi/#08 Yume

#04 Karasuba

Bazett Fraga McRemitz

Luviagalita Edelfelt


Alaya-ko is the personification of the Will of Humanity, who found out that even divine spirits aren't immune to Shirou.Though she's the "mother" of Shinra, nobody is quite sure the mechanics of what happened, and Shinra seems to act as a half-human, half-conduit for her divine mother.

#108 Kusano

Medea of Colchis (Caster)

  • Nosebleed: They cause enough force to knock her from her chair.
  • Pervert Dad: Genderflipped version and is A HUGE one.
  • Too Kinky to Torture: During the game show she and Sion get the extra challenge of having S&M implements used on them. Sion has trouble answering because it causes so much pain. Caster has trouble answering because she gets too much pleasure out of it.
  • Yaoi Fangirl: When it was suggested that her husband and Shiki Tohno were sleeping together, her only response is "Let me join in."

Jack the Ripper (Assassin)

Mother of Touma, from an Alternate Universe where though a set of chance events, Shirou summons her instead of Saber. The Clan never meets her.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Particularly when Alt!Rin is around.
  • Go Out with a Smile: Does this when her Shirou finds her near death and tells her he'll take care of everything and that she did her best. Actually Shakespeare!Caster using his NP to take on Shirou's form.
  • Killed Off for Real
  • Yandere: Oh so much so. She eventually mellows out... sort of.

     Other Members of the Clan 


The "Nanny" of the EC.

"What is wrong with the mongrels of this era? Can't they show proper respect to The King? Faker, his mongrel wives, and their hell-spawn would have long destroyed this place if not my mighty presence to deter their efforts."
Gilgamesh as Servant "Nanny".

Caren Ortensia

Gil's Girlfriend.

"Shut up get back to work."
Caren in reply to Gil's quote, sometimes with a riding crop and leather garments involved.

Primate Murder

AKA "Primmy"...


Kiri's daughter.

"Why do I have to wear panties again? They tangle up my tail..."
Aurora to Kiritsugu on a typical morning.

A young girl that BK!Kiri rescued in India, she decided to follow him and eventually became his pilot. After BK!Kiri died saving Aurora Artemis decided to stay and protect her.

"Faaaaaaake!!!!!!!" ~CHA-CHAK~
Artemis, having just learned of Kiri's latest bout of stupid, perverted, etc.
"Now Artemis, let's not be hasty. Just put down the shotgun and we can talk this out. This is probably all just a misunderstanding, we'll laugh about this later."
Kiritsugu to Artemis after a prank pulled by Mana and Riko

  • Badass Driver: That's her job with Kiri.
  • Bedmate Reveal: When she and Kiri end up in Vegas she gets drunk. The next morning they're both naked in bed. They both deny (including to themselves) that anything happened, but you never know.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: Shades of this with Kiri.
  • Hidden Depths: At her first encounter with 'The Ghost' she actually calls Kiritsugu by name and wonders what on Earth they've done to Touma.
  • Platonic Life-Partners: With Kiri...we think. Could be more, could be less.
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: Uses live ammo to great effect on most enemies. Uses stun rounds that still hurt like Hell on Kiri.
  • The Rival: To Mana. About one step away from Arch-Enemy. She hasn't seriously injured or killed her yet, but not for lack of trying.

Miyu Sahashi (see Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA)

Miyu is Shirou's biological sisternote , after Takami became pregnant sometime during the Sekirei Plan. She was born shortly before Takeshi but suffered an accident with the EC's version of Kaleidostick which sent her to the Prisma-Illya universe.


BK!Kiris child, travels back in time to meet his father. Works for Philemon, and is in a relationship with Margaret of Persona 4

Fate E. Testarossa ((E. = Emiya)

Adopted into the clan after her mother was apprehended by the TSAB.

Riven Zeruiah
A homunculus bodyguard created by Sakuya and Erika off of Erika's DNA. He is the first part alien homunculus and much of his existence is a mystery, even to him. Though he views himself as an incomplete being, he is fanatically loyal to his two creators, and will do anything in their name.

"What purpose shall my life serve if not this?"
Riven, when asked about why he follows his creators without question.

  • The Ageless: As a homunculus, he doesn't age, nor does his body decay. He can only be killed the old fashioned way. However, he sees this as neither a curse nor a blessing, just a tool for his service.
  • Battle Butler: More inclined towards battle, but he does do some house tasks.
  • Berserk Button: It shouldn't have to be said, but threatening or harming either of his charges will not end well.
  • The Berserker
  • Blind Musician: A very, very good pianist.
  • Blind Weaponmaster: He's blind to everything but prana, but his borderline feral instinct and the aforementioned prana sense give him a lethal skillset with most weaponry.
  • Blinded by the Light: Specifically, the The Power of the Sun. He can't see, so it doesn't impair his vision, but direct sunlight on his eyes hurts like a bitch.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: The ambitions of his creators are all that matters. Everything else can and will be destroyed if it has to.
  • Cursed with Awesome: He's blind, biologically unstable on both sides of his heritage, and has about as much emotional depth as a guard dog. However, with his Disability Superpower, Berserker status, and iron conviction, he makes up for these deficiencies.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: His Super-Powered Evil Side isn't evil. It just has no inhibitions and little capacity for reason besides protecting his masters.
  • Disability Superpower: Though unable to see in the normal respect, his prana sense is tied to his eyes, allowing him to see most forms of magic on a different level. this gives him an edge when fighting supernatural beings and magi.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: Whenever his weapons fail him or he just doesn't want to go to the trouble, he falls back on his more basic impulses.
  • Made of Iron: He describes himself as an "Immovable Bulwark" in defense of his creators, and certainly lives up to the name.
  • Meaningful Name: His first name, "Riven," means "that which is cut from," and was chosen by Erika in respects to his origin as a homunculus. His last name ,"Zeruiah," was chosen by Sakuya to indicate the purpose he was meant to serve.
  • Our Homunculi Are Different: An in-universe example. All previous homuncului were built off of human DNA. He was built off of Erika's who is half human-half sekirei. It doesn't work so well...
  • Power Trio: Rounds off Sakuya and Erika by providing instinct and physical prowess.
  • Protectorate: Both of his creators.
  • Super-Powered Evil Side: Subverted. By calling on his somewhat malformed Sekirei biology, he can enter a variation of a Berserker state for a while that makes him even stronger and faster than he already is. He doesn't actually lose his mind, but because of his Cursed with Awesome status, it comes with the downside of acting more like a animal than as a human while its up.
  • The Stoic
  • Super Speed: To a rather small extent. Because he's so strong, his running and jumping speed is bestial in comparison to a human or even other homunculus's. Combine that with his nearly feral agility, and he's an animal in all but name.
  • Super Strength: His strength is obscene, even for a combat homunculus. It goes above and beyond when he enters his Berserker state.
  • Undying Loyalty: To both of his creators.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: He's not very creative with the way he fights, and his attacks are more akin to a wild animal than a human. However, being so strong and fast means he can capitalize on this.
  • Weakened by the Light: Not due to any kind of inherent evilness, but instead overlapping with The Power of the Sun doing him in via his eyes. He wears opaque sunglasses or a blindfold to counteract this.
  • Weapon of Choice: Three of them actually. Coupled with Theme Naming and Named Weapons.

     The Sahashi Family 

Yukari Sahashi

Shirou's sister
  • Big "NO!": Futility screams this out when she learns that Alter!Illya married Shirou in her timeline.
  • Cannot Keep a Secret: Screams out her and Shiina's sex life in front of her brother.
  • Captain Obvious: Sometimes does this.
  • Drives Like Crazy: First crashes the van into the side of the house. Then into the top floor of the Iranian presidential palace.
  • Groin Attack: Favorite attack. Does it to the president of Iran.

Shiina Sahashi

Yukari's husband/sekirei
  • Black Magic: His power is decay, so sorta.
  • Good Parents: He is very good at parenting. It's just that Yukari isn't so much.
  • House Husband: He takes care of the kids. Much to the relief of some.

Yasu Sahashi
The firstborn daughter of Yukari and Shiina. A free spirited biker with a love of all vices from violence to drinking to gambling. Enjoys hanging around the Ikkebukuro district of Tokyo in her spare time between jobs.

Origin: Rush
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

"Yea, violence is my last resort...and my first resort. Heck, I think it's every resort in between too. No, scratch that. Drinking contests are on there somewhere..."
Yasu on herself.

  • Action Girl
  • Badass Biker: She isnt part of a gang, but she still walks around in her biker regalia and rides her beloved machine anywhere she can.
  • Batter Up!: Her weapon of choice is a reinforced titanium baseball bat. She also bats a near .9
  • Berserk Button: Do not cut her hair.
  • Blood Knight: Picking fights for whatever reasons are available, and making up some when there aren't any. This is actually a way she is using to find her Ashikabi.
  • Combat Pragmatist: She doesn't believe she breaks any rules when she fights, because she doesn't observe any rules to begin with.
  • Cool Bike: Hers is. Justified as she gets Souhiro to upgrade it every few months. It can go nearly anywhere.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: Whenever there is nothing to run down or bludgeon her opponent with.
  • Hell-Bent for Leather: Covered head to toe in black cowhide.
  • Hidden Depths: She really idolizes her Ashikabi...or at least her planned one. So much that she becomes embarrassed or gushy if she starts thinking about whoever it could be.
  • Love Before First Sight: She doesnt know who her Ashikabi will be, but she is crazy about them anyways.
  • Men Use Violence, Women Use Communication: Inverted. She beats the crap out of things first. Her brother would rather negotiate.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: How she fights off her bike.
  • Squee!: Whenever thinking about HER ASHIKABI!!!
  • Super Speed: What her power allows her to do when driving any vehicle.
  • Super Strength: Not as strong as those who have it as their main attribute, but she can still chuck a refrigerator at your head.
  • Violence Really Is the Answer: To her it is.

Saito Sahashi
Yukari and Shiina's middle son. An employee at the PR division at MBI and eventual head. His Ashikabi is Mana Ryougi. Despite not liking subterfuge, he also deals with the shadier aspects of MBI's business for his cousins. This eventually culminates in his nickname being changed to MBI's Undertaker in the underworld.

Origin: Consequence
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

"Nothing personal my friend. This is just good business."
Saito, Taking Care of Business.

  • Abduction Is Love: Mana Ryougi kidnaps him during Christmas to show of to her mother as her new boyfriend. He decides that she is actually kind of cute and sticks with her.
  • Aggressive Negotiations: He may be polite and professional, but he is efficient too. If push comes to shove, he'll break out the hurt.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: His formal getup is very well kept and professionally tailored, and he even keeps it clean when he fights.
  • Benevolent Boss: His Charisma is good enough to get lifelong enemies to work together under him. It crosses into servant range.
  • Berserk Button: Anyone who tries to enter society through the back door. You want something in life, you earn it. You can negotiate, innovate, or kill your way to the top, but anyone who tries to scam their way up gets taken down instantly.
  • Bishōnen
  • Black Magic: Inherited his father's power over decay.
  • Bling-Bling-BANG!: Has a gold plated Desert Eagle down his jacket pocket.
  • Chick Magnet: He is courteous to everyone, for which the ladies get all over him despite his wishes. This often leads to him having to stop Mana from going on rampage.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: Whenever he starts attracting girls, those who bat for the other team inevitably follow.
  • Expy: His appearance is similar to Lelouch Lamprouge only with less focus on bishonen and more muscle.
  • Friend to All Children: Kids love him for his patience and willingness to play with them.
  • Honest Corporate Executive: What he wants to be. Usually works out unless he has to deal with the Yakuza.
  • Men Use Violence, Women Use Communication: Inverted. Yasu beats the crap out of things first. He would rather negotiate.
  • Noble Demon: Even when preforming unsavory activities in the name of the company, he will be polite and respectful, always upholding his end of the bargain.
  • Only Sane Man: Between his siblings, yes.
  • Red Baron: Got nicknamed 'The Grave' after an incident with some triad enforcers. Part of what gets him his girlfriend.
    • Later, his work as the hatchet man for all the mob dealings of the company earns him the name MBI's Undertaker.
  • Scary Shiny Glasses: Does this with his oft worn sunglasses.
  • Understanding Boyfriend: His girlfriend may be an overly rebellious, slightly amoral, and psycho assassin, but he loves her anyways.
  • Yakuza: What people think he is (because of the way he dresses). He actually has no connection to or desire to deal with them. He does however recognize that he'll probably have to work with or against them anyways, given who his girlfriend is.
  • You Are Worth Hell: He loves Mana for everything she is. Despite his own moral standards and religion, he is willing to drag himself through the dredges of society to keep her safe.

Erika Sahashi

Yukari and Shiina's youngest child. Attended Hakoniwa Academy as a teenager and was blackmailed onto the student council, much to her own chagrin. Eventually becomes a magus of the Clocktower along with her cousin Sakuya.

Origin: Imagination and Creation
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

"Science is the art of knowing, not conforming to a whole bunch of rules written down in textbooks and formed by senile old men who wouldn't recognize truth if it was surgically grafted to them. If you still think I'm wrong then lets have a little experiment. If you're still standing here in five minutes then you're right. On the other hand, if I can summon a massive shadow carnivore to eat you then I'm right."
Erika, A Typical Argument.

  • Absurdly Powerful Student Council: When she was at Hakoniwa Academy, she was forced to become Kurokami Medaka's Vice President. She hated almost every moment of it.
  • Always Someone Better: Medaka to her, in flashbacks. Despite untold effort studying and assassination attempts, she still graduated only as Salutatorian.
  • Art Major Biology: Somewhat subverted in her case. She spends copious amounts of time trying to get the exact details of whatever animal she is inventing straightened out. That doesn't stop a lot of them from being physically impossible, even if they are well made.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: She eventually becomes the founder and director of The Foundation, an virulent pro-Earth/pro-human organization.
  • Bad Boss: To her high school student body, and occasionally to Riven.
  • The Beast Master: Her shadows take the form of all manner of creatures, real, mythical, or otherwise.
  • Berserk Button: Needless cruelty to animals and disrespecting true art are the big ones, no matter her mood. Expect an army of shadowy raptors if you try.
  • Cane Fu
  • Casting a Shadow: Her power comes in the form of making shadow creatures. What kind depends on how she feels.
  • Creepy Child: Whenever she wants to have fun, she just scares the crap out of her family with her creations.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: She isnt evil, just a little unbalanced.
  • Depending on the Artist: Her art style changes depending on her mood.
  • Drama Queen: She is overly dramatic with her violently shifting mood. Subverted in that it is actually her reacting.
  • Evil Overlord: Acts like this a lot, especially when she was younger. Hairbrained schemes, maniacal laugh, melodramatics, a thing for the creepy and overly complicated, heck, she had it all.
  • For Science!: What quite a bit of her motivation, and excuse, for her actions is.
  • Growing Up Sucks: For all intents and purposes, she entered adulthood when the homunculus she created went on rampage, abducted her, and then scrapped her. The experience was traumatic to say the least, but it did force her to mature to deal with the consequences.
  • Handicapped Badass: She was partially crippled during Riven's awakening and is forced to walk with a cane for the rest of her life. However, she soon finds ways to make up for this deficiency.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Her and Sakuya. Her light sides find common ground with Yang, while her not so light sides get along well with Yin.
  • Lady of Black Magic
  • Large Ham: She got most of her grandfather's dramatics.
  • Power Trio: With Sakuya and Riven. She takes the role of heavy magical artillery and defense in contrast to Riven's physical power and Sakuya's subterfuge.
  • Staff of Authority: She gets a kind of cane-scepter thing as a graduation present. It's often used to extenuate her dramatics as she twirls it like a baton all over the place.
    • It's also a sword cane. That she's trained to use.
  • Manic Pixie Dream Girl: This to Sakuya's The Reliable One. She is the one who got her out of the shadows of her siblings and into her own via whacky adventures.
  • Mood-Swinger: Alternates between her moods almost instantaneously. Her mood also controls her powers.
    • Until she gets scrapped...
  • Movie Superheroes Wear Black: Everything save for the Midnight Blue feathers on her overcoat are black. Her hair, the flower in her hair, her boots, gloves, clothes, etc...
  • Not Good with People: She has problems making normal friends because of her mood problems, so she sticks with animals and Sakuya.
  • The Rival: To Leo Haraway
  • Sword Cane
  • Torture Technician: When she and Sakuya get their hands on the S&M devices.
  • Who Wants to Live Forever?: She finds no joy in her new form, but she doesn't find any pain in it either. She just keeps searching for her dream.

Hayate Yagami, Reinforce Eins, and the Wolkenritter

Crossover: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's

  • Happily Adopted by Yukari Sahashi. The snowball effect between these two personalities is inevitable, so the "happily" part is likely only to apply to the new parent and child... Most everyone else in the family will need to roll Mental Fortitude or run screaming for the hills.
    • Actually not that much of a problem seeing how:
      • Shiina's pretty used to it
      • Yasu would just drink/gamble/brawl it off.
      • Saito has to deal with being the Only Sane Man among the children for years.
      • Erika is already insane.
    • Not for the Sahashi's, maybe. For the Emiya's who aren't Cosplay/Grope happy themselves? Whole different story.

     Ryougi Yakuza 

Shiki Ryougi

From Kara no Kyoukai. A friend of the Emiyas.
  • In Love with Your Carnage: Mana was conceived when she and Mikiya did after killing over thirty people in an abandoned warehouse. Heck, they did it on a bloodstained bed amidst the corpses.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Justified as she can cut through anything.
  • Team Mom: Tries to be, but thanks to Mana it doesnt go over very well.
  • Violence Really Is the Answer: Daughter gets in trouble at school? Doesnt listen to you? Cant get a boyfriend? Then lets go to Somalia and kill all the pirates we can find!
  • Yakuza: She controls the entire Japanese underground.

Mikiya Kokutou

From Kara no Kyoukai. Shiki Ryougi's husband

Mana Ryougi
Shiki and Mikiya's daughter.

Origin: Freedom
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

"Kill ten thousand. Save ten thousand. And the world just keeps fucking spinning."
Mana on the world and the Human Condition.

  • Abduction Is Love: She kidnaps Saito just to prove she can get a boyfriend to her mother. After the party they actually get together.
  • Action Girlfriend
  • Battle Couple: Her and Saito. At least, when she gets paid and he is finished trying to negotiate.
  • Berserk Button: Touch her boyfriend, see what happens. Touch her apprentice, see what happens. Touch her family, see what effing happens.
  • Cannot Keep a Secret: Talking about her nightlife is something she does without thinking, even in front of her parents or her boyfriend's parents.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: She doesn't let anyone steal her boyfriend's time from her. Be them young children, flirtatious women, or a Hard Gay.
  • Challenge Seeker
  • Consummate Professional: When on a mission. She never, ever lets a job go undone.
  • The Dreaded: Just the mention of her legend is enough to send amateurs running away in fear and put professionals on edge.
  • Hidden Depths: She is actually extremely broken on the inside thanks to her lack of purpose and loyalty despite all the people she kills.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: She never causes more havoc and suffering than is required for the mission.
  • Knife Nut: Has dozens of them strapped beneath her jacket and to her belts.
  • Le Parkour: Method of travel.
  • Mafia Princess: Sorta, although she would prefer the princess part be left off.
  • Ninja: Like her apprentice, this is how she kills.
  • Nietzsche Wannabe: Her Split Personality and Professional Killer job have made her nihilistic about many things. When she actually starts to feel happy, guilt over her prior actions sets in and leads to a mental breakdown.
  • Red Baron: Known as "The Lady in Black" colloquially (even though most people are unaware who she actually is). I wonder why...
  • One-Hit Kill: Almost every single time unless she wants something from the target before they die.
  • Only in It for the Money: She really hates working for any other reason than getting paid.
  • Professional Killer: Her line of work.
  • Sink-or-Swim Mentor: The way she decides to train Touma.
  • Spanner in the Works: To pretty much anyone who isn't her client. While she may not ever harm family members, she isn't about to ever fail to complete the mission, even if that means destroying her cousins' plans as both Kiri and Aleksi have learned.
  • Split Personality: Has a male personality called MANA as per the family trait. She doesn't like being told what to do by anyone, so she mostly ignores him.
    • Split-Personality Takeover: When she gets married, she begins getting closer to people. Unfortunately, she has already killed quite a few people and indirectly caused the deaths of thousands more by this time. This causes MANA to begin tormenting her through this guilt to the point where she has to leave her family in order to keep them safe from herself. Eventually, it nears the breaking point...
  • The Rival: To Artemis. She loves teasing both her and Kiri about their supposed sexual relationship, which Kiri has learned to ignore. Artemis however, prefers to try to take revenge via shotgun, which never works.
  • Token Evil Teammate: To an extent. She will work for nearly anyone that doesn't threaten her family or try to betray her. This includes dictators, crime lords, and the otherwise amoral.
  • World Half Empty: The way she sees everything except for her training of Touma.

Ein, Zwei, and Drei (Elen, Reiji, and Cal)

The three Phantoms, formerly of Inferno, now working for the Ryougi Clan Yakuza ever since Shiki and Mikiya saved them. They act as the syndicate's best assassins, but their real job is keeping Mana safe. Even after she leaves the house, they continue to watch over her, dealing ruthlessly with anything that threatens her or her family.


     Clan Allies 

Seo Kaoru, Hikari (#11), and Hibiki (#12)

These three are "Get Backers LTD." If the Lovely Angels are too destructive for your needs, call this power-trio, er duo-plus-comedic-extra (Seo: "Hey!").

Unfortunately, their globe-trotting frequently leads into areas too dangerous for their children...

Iori and Sasori Kaoru

Born two months after Aya (3 AC), the physically-identical not-twin boys of Seo (Iori by Hikari, Sasori by Hibiki) were the absolute bane of every would-be babysitter in Shin Tokyo. Then they starting growing.

What Riko is to Gilgamesh and the Emiya mansion, Iori and Sasori are to Motoko Kusanagi and the rest of the city. It doesn't help that they idolize Zelretch's sense of humor.

Sekirei Ability (Iori): ionization.

Sekirei Ability (Sasori): magnetism.

  • Chivalrous Pervert: Sasori, as compared to the Handsome Lech Iori.
  • Comedy Duo: Frequently suggested as a probable future career.
  • Finishing Each Other's Sentences
  • I'm a Man; I Can't Help It: What these two keep pulling on the ladies. Sometimes it works, sometimes, not.
  • Panty Thief: Iori.
  • Perverted Sniffing: Iori again.
  • Practical Joke: They've pulled every one on the list, and are looking to invent new entries... almost. Any jokes of the outright malicious variety are anathema to the twins. Some notable examples:
    • Getting Kiritsugu into the city's public high school cafeteria kitchen.
      • The resulting KTC incident culminated in Kiri, Iori, and Sasori hotwiring the principal's car for the getaway, Artemis hijacking Yasu's spare bike to chase them, Yasu pursuing on her own bike, and Motoko chasing the whole lot of them in a tank. Through downtown Shin Tokyo.
    • Arranging to "lose" Erika while babysitting her... in an MBI bio-lab. (No, Shiina never made that mistake again.)
    • Switching out Chiyo's favorite paint set for colored glue.
      • She proceeded to chase them through several nearby neighborhoods, on foot, with a scimitar in each hand.
    • Replace Sakura's box of special toys with one filled with pink ribbons.
    • Switch the delievery addresses on a shipment of textbooks to the local University and a shipment of... stuff... to a well-known sex toy shop.
    • (more as idea crop up...)
  • Sibling Seniority Squabble: Averted, as the twins were born on the same day, same hour, same minute, and same second - they know it and revel in it
  • The Chikan: Sasori.
  • The Peeping Tom: One of their many shared hobbies.
  • The Prankster: Both of them. Individually, and as a Team. Also Trolls.
  • Trickster Twins: Oh so much.
  • Twin Banter: They. Just. Don't. Stop.
  • Twin Switch: One of their favorite pranks.

Nagi Springfield and Arika Anarkhia Entheofushia of Vespertatia

The rediscovery of Chisame meant that Ala Alba met the Emiya Clan. Consequently, Shirou meeting Negi's father Nagi was not long behind. No one in the either group is quite sure WHO threw the first punch or WHY, but the brawl that broke out between Shirou and Nagi became an instant legend to the kids. The wives, however, were not amused.

Clan Tohno

Shiki Tohno first met Shirou Emiya after learning that the former's 'sensei' Aoko Aozaki was planning to get hitched with the latter. The fight that broke out between to the two men is another legend among the children of both clans, and a reoccuring nightmare to the wives... Seeing as how each nearly killed the other.

Following the Christmas Party, Shirou and Shiki have reached a truce of sorts.

The children interact with some degree of regularity, and occasionally seek refuge from one kind of madness in the house of another kind.

Clan Takamachi

Shirou and Momoko, Kyouya and Miyuki, and Nanoha.

Yuuno Scrya

Motoko Kusanagi

Following the events of Solid State Society, Shirou Emiya became involved in the process of providing homes to all the children involved. After another incident involving the aftermath of the whole affair left Motoko in political crosshairs and Section 9 under heavy scrutiny, Shirou worked out a deal with Aramaki: Motoko would take the fall and be shunted off to a 'regular police detail' as 'punishment', while Section 9 escaped the roasting pit. The detail in question was the then-underpowered Shin Tokyo Police Department, while Shirou had been looking to beef up significantly.

Motoko's cybernetics are indeed MBI's, but they had never met personally until after the Society had been brought down.

"The Duchess of Emptiness" Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière

The Heroine of The Hill of Swords, Louise has far grown since the death of Shirou EMIya and became a Void Magus without equal. Whether or not she stays in Halkeginia afterwards she is a full Supporter for the Clan.

Squad Seven, Platoon 3

Touma's subordinates during his tour of duty in Gallia.
  • Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits: An intentional example - Welkin put the problem children of Squad Seven under Touma since conflict just seems to dissolve around him to make them into an elite squad.

     Kiri's Creations 

A list of Kiri's most notable attempts at cooking. AS well as a general reference to the least


List of tropes that apply to all or most of Kiri's creations.

''"Kiritsugu's 'cooking' isn't suitable for a weapon. Specially because there isn't anyone we hate that much."
The Clan's First Rulebook, an excerpt.

Kung Pow Chicken

One of Kiri's earliest creations. Supposed to be a one-time thing, but it apparently gained enough popularity to be brought back by the author.

Bwak Bwak BWAKAAAAAA (Translation: Bring it On!)
KPC vs Haru Emiya, pre-fight banter.

     Organizations Under The Clan 

MBI (Med Bio Informatics)

The company that built the Sekirei plan. Most of the Clan's economic might is centered here. It develops everything from military cybernetics, to prescription medicines, to luxury boats. Thanks to alliances with the Tohno Clan and the Ryougi Yakuza, it is the premier corporation in East Asia.

Known Members:
Minaka Hiroto - Founder, Original Chairman
Takami Sahashi - Geneticist, Public Chairwoman After Minaka Leaves
Shirou Emiya - Owner, De Facto Chairman During Takami's Term
Rin Emiya - Director of Research and Development
Saber Emiya - Chief of Security
Sakura Emiya - Director of Public Relations
Matsu Emiya - Chief Information Officer
Takeshi Emiya - Chairman After Shirou Retires
Saito Sahashi Later Ryougi - Director of Public Relations after Sakura retires, Director of Special Projects

The Dogs of War

A paramilitary organization founded by Kiritsugu Emiya II, the Dogs are built around orphans and other victims of war and oppression that were taken in and chose to fight. They mostly wage guerrilla wars against tyrannical states and have been responsible for felling several. They have smaller, constituent organizations that provide nonmilitary services for them. They do not have heavy equipment or the logistical power to wage large, conventional wars, but they make up for it with skill and speed on the battlefield.

Known Members:
Kiritsugu Emiya II - Founder, Commanding General
Artemis - Second in Command
Aurora - Heir to Command


A Private Military Contractor built by Aleksi Emiya off the Edelfelt family's resources. It initially served as a private corporation, but after the destruction of many Holy Church resources during the Millennium Incident, it was taken on as the Papal conventional military organization. Upon the succession of Aleksi's father in-law as the new Pope, the company was officially made the central part of Church military security.

Known Members:
Aleksi Emiya - Founder, CEO

Lovely Angels

A contracting firm (in the loosest sense possible) started by Aoko and Karasuba Emiya to pass the time and make quick cash. They do everything imaginable as long as the money is good and Shirou doesn't get angry enough to cancel their night. Given the nature of its "contractors," most work is violent, illegal, dangerous, or any combination of the above. They get good results, but collateral damage is usually enormous.

Known Members:
Aoko Emiya - Co Founder, Demolition Expert, "Blow More Shit Up"
Karasuba Emiya - Co Founder, Persuausion and Liquidation Expert, "Must Stab More"
Touko Emiya - Consultant, Accountant, "Office Bitch"
Yasu Sahashi - Delivery Girl, Debt Collector, "Scary Sex Appeal"
Keiko Emiya- Weapons Specialist, "Superior Firepower Incarnate"
Riko Emiya- Infiltrator, Saboteur, "Panty Thief"

The Clocktower

The seat of Magus power in the world. Having stood for two thousand years, this organization is less a constituent of the Clan so much as the Clan is a temporary officeholder thanks to Lorelei. Although influential, the Clan is generally looked down upon by the nobility. Lorelei's reforms have managed to halt some previously heinous practices, like human experimentation and political assassinations, or at least pushed them underground. Despite this, the Tower's dark history continues, with only a few of the Clan's magi present to keep it hidden.

Known Members:
Lorelei Emiya - Vice Director, Grand Enforcer
Bazett Emiya - Enforcer Captain
Sakuya Emiya - Department of Spiritual Invocation Researcher
Erika Sahashi - Department of Spiritual Evocation Researcher
Aliisa Emiya - Librarian

     Children of the Second Generation 

Start listing them, people! By 'contingent', story, or crossover-pairing.

The Mid-Childan Contingent

Sorted by date of birth, oldest at the top.

  • Vivio E. Takamachi, adopted daughter of Shinta Emiya-Takamachi and Nanoha Takamachi
    Magic/Combat Teacher: Negi Springfield, Alita/Gally
    Combat Focus: Center - Melee, Shooting, Flight
    Magic System: Mid-Belkan-Heraldry hybrid style
    Fighting Style: Ba Qua Zahn, Panzer Kunst, Magia Erebea
    • Genki Girl
    • At first, a Kung-Fu Kid. Grows into a genuine Kung-Fu Wizard er, Witch. Also a user of Blade Below the Shoulder, because Panzer Kunst.
    • Generation Xerox: subverted with Claus Stratos II - who challenges Vivio to a Strike Arts match and is so disappointing by her performance that he denounces her as being entirely unworthy of Olivie's legacy... Unlike Vivio's parents - Shinta and Nanoha got into it plenty of times when sparring, but were never adversarial with each other.
    • The Hero and The Leader
  • Kenshin Emyia-Takamachi, son of Shinta Emiya-Takamachi and Nanoha Takamachi (Winged himself on Vivio, much to her embarrassment)
    Magic/Combat teachers: Shinta, Signum
    Combat Focus: Wing Guard - Shooting (Archery) and Flight
    Magic System: Modern Belkan
    Fighting Style: Muay Thai, Kyudo
  • Seville S. Yagami, daughter of Yuuno Scrya and Hayate Sahashi-Yagami
    Magic/Combat teachers: Shamal, Yuuno
    Support Focus: Rear Guard - Force Fields and Healing
    Magic System: Ancient Belkan
  • Reinforce Zwei, daughter of Yuuno Scrya and Reinforce Eins Sahashi-Yagami
    Magic/Combat Teacher: Eins
    Combat focus: Unison Device - Bombardment and Support
    Magic System: Ancient and Modern Belkan
  • Makoto E. Yagami, daughter of Shinta Emiya and Hayate Sahashi-Yagami (1 yr younger than Seville and same age as Zwei; lacks Sekirei crest and cannot be winged but shows minor signs of Reaction)
    Magic/Combat Teacher: Nanoha
    Combat focus: Center - Shooting, Flight, Bombardment
    Magic System: Mid-Childan
    Fighting Style: Strike Arts, Aerial Arts (Nanoha's personal style)
  • Victoria Sigrun Emiya, daughter of Shinta Emiya and Sigum Sahashi-Yagami (Winged by Kyoshirou)
    Magic/Combat Teachers: Shinta and Signum and Kyon, who teaches her the Way of Snark.
    Combat focus: Forward - Melee (Swordsmanship), Fire
    Magic System: Modern Belkan
    Fighting Style: Fuwa-Mikami Nitou Ryuu
  • Kyoshirou E. T. Scrya, son of Yuuno Scrya and Fate E. Testarossa
    Magic/Combat Teacher: Vita, Erio, Fate
    Combat focus: Forward - Melee (Polearms), Lightning, Flight
    Magic System: Mid-Childan
    Fighting Style: Strike Arts, Storm Arc (Fate's personal style)
  • Elantra S. Yagami, daughter of Yuuno Scrya and Shamal Sahashi-Yagami
    Magic/Combat Teacher: Yuuno
    Combat focus: Rear Guard - Transportation, Sealing
    Magic System: Mid-Childan
  • Lina R. L. Mondial, daughter of Erio Mondial and Caro Ru Lushe (treated as Clan)
  • Alice and Alexander E. Bannings, fraternal twins of Shinta Emiya-Takamachi and Arisa Bannings
  • Yuuto S. Tsukimura, son of Yuuno Scrya and Suzuka Tsukimura
  • Alicia E. Testarossa, daughter of Shinta Emiya-Takamachi and Fate E. Testarossa
    Combat Teacher: Shinta
    Combat Focus: Wing Guard - Melee (Swordsmanship)
    Fighting Style: Fuwa-Mikami Nitou Ryuu
  • Itsuki S. Takamachi, daughter of Yuuno Scrya and Nanoha Takamachi
    Magic Teacher: Shamal
    Support focus: Rear Guard - Scrying, Flight
    Magic System: Ancient Belkan

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