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Preston: So, what, you're psychic or something?
Dan: I just feel things very strongly, is all.

"We had created monsters we couldn't control. We drugged them, tortured them, eviscerated them... we brutalized their minds... but it did not work. Until they came. And it was not their force of will - not their void devilry - not their alien darkness... it was something else. It was that somehow, from within the derelict-horror, they had learned a way to see inside an ugly, broken thing... and take away its pain."
Ballas, regarding the Operators and their connection to the Warframes, Warframe

"I imagine conversations between healthy aetherborn must seem fast by organic standards. An innate empathic understanding leads to discussions being more about why someone is feeling something versus how. Little time is wasted, and language isn't terribly poetic. Poetry is for people who have to explain what they can't say."
Yahenni, Magic: The Gathering: "In The Dead Of Night"

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