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They say in ancient times there were giants that roamed the earth in days past. Now, they were roaming the present… and were at war with one another.
The Bridge, The Duel

"So if you rule an empire from the top ranking throne, why the Daiei are you just a Princess?"
Xenilla to Cadence, The Bridge, Royal

"Well it's a bunch of rampaging monstrosities running amok with a city in their way and me in front of it. It's déjà vu all over again."
Godzilla Jr. to Mothra, on fighting the Gyaos swarm, The Bridge, Trust

"Anata ga sodatte kimashita... watashi no kodomo..."
("You've grown up so much... my little one...")
Azusa Gojo to Godzilla Jr. after seeing his adult form up close, The Bridge, The Queen Mother

"You call yourself 'king'? Then I am Kaizer... You are no god, but I am the Devil."
Kaizer Ghidorah to Grand King Ghidorah, The Bridge, Chain of Memories

Rarity: I have awakened a sleeping giant, and filled her with terrible resolve...
Pinkie Pie: What, a Kaiju?! Where?!
Rarity: No.... Rainbow Dash's ego...
The Bridge, Words of Wisdom

Monster X: I remember well, Gigan. I am your oldest and best friend, I am X.
Gigan: X, the placeholder?
Monster X: X, my name.
The Bridge, Dragon Knight

"We're not immortal, neither are they. Every reign, great or small, has its end. What's left is what others remember, and days like this are for doing that…"
The Spirit of Hearth's Warmings Yet To Come/Godzilla Senior, The Bridge, A Kaiju Carol, Yet To Come

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