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Janeway: On Telsian law. I think it's only fair that we let our guest know what to expect.
Tuvok: The Telsian criminal justice system is rather barbaric.
Janeway: Tell her about the prisons.
Tuvok: Barely habitable. Inmates often die of malnutrition before they are brought to trial. Torture is commonplace, as is disease, including several incurable forms of psoriasis.
—"Live Fast and Prosper"

Janeway: "Psoriasis"?
Tuvok: Improvisation is not foremost among my talents.
Janeway: Considering I caught you off guard, I thought your performance was exemplary.
Tuvok: Thank you, Captain. Was your order to call the Telsians part of the deception or did you actually want me to contact them?
Janeway: Not yet. Let's give Dala some time to think about those "barbaric prisons."
—"Live Fast and Prosper"

If you take some mind altering substance and watch that episode I'm telling you you'll appreciate it!
Robert Duncan McNeil on "Threshold"