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Drinking Game / Star Trek: Voyager

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  • Drink some caffeinated, alcoholic beverage every time coffee is brought up.
  • Take a sip whenever Janeway's replicator glitches out, two sips if it actually works.
  • Drink when the Doctor tries to name himself, says "Please state the nature of the medical emergency", says "I'm a doctor, not a [insert non-medical thing here]", boasts, makes a snide quip, tutors Seven of Nine, or prescribes rest to someone who doesn't actually need it.
  • Take a drink whenever Kes uses her powers, two if they go awry.
  • Take a sip when Chakotay does something spiritual or suggests they give up.
  • Drink for every history reference Tom Paris makes and every time he mentions pizza.
  • Take one sip every time Seven of Nine calls something "irrelevant", "efficient", or "inefficient".
  • Take one sip if the Doctor sings, two sips if Seven of Nine sings, and drain your glass if someone besides them sings.
  • Drink whenever Tuvok argues with Neelix, Tom, or Harry.
  • Take a sip every time someone uses the word "penetrate".
  • Take a drink whenever Harry Kim has a doomed crush or plays an instrument. Take two drinks whenever Tom reminds him of his other failed romances.
  • Drink for every mention of the Delaney sisters, two sips if you actually get to see them.
  • If Neelix calls Tuvok "Mr. Vulcan", tries to cheer someone up, shares Delta Quadrant knowledge, or experiments with food in a weird way, take a drink. Take two sips for his Green-Eyed Monster moments in early seasons.
  • Take a sip for every mention of the "Fair Haven" or "Captain Proton" holonovels.
  • Drink for every time Janeway brings up her principles, two sips if she argues with Chakotay over whether to follow them.
  • Take one drink for every time Naomi is seen with neither Seven of Nine nor Neelix.
  • If the crew contacts Earth or vice versa, take a drink.
  • Take a sip whenever Q shows up, two sips if a different Q does.
  • Take a sip when B'Elanna has Half-Breed Angst or calls Harry Kim, "Starfleet".
  • Drink every time Seska tells a lie or flirts with Chakotay.
  • Drink for every time someone complains about food, two sips if said food contains "leola root".
  • Take a drink whenever the Hirogen call someone "prey".
  • Drink for every moment of Les Yay involving some combination of Janeway, Seven, and the Borg Queen.
  • Have an extra-large drink every time Joe Carey is seen/mentioned after season 1.
  • Drink two glasses anytime Neelix dooms the crew with his "expertise", take the entire bottle when he brings up his opinions and weep in the shower. You'll need it.