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Quotes / Rainbow in the Dark

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Warning, the following quotes may contain spoilers. Read under your own risk.

Quotes from Rainbow in the Dark

"If you don't have feelings for him, then why are you getting so defensive? And why are you acting jealous at the idea of him being with me? You wouldn't be doing this if you didn't have feelings for him. Admit it, you like him."
Mecha to Rainbow Dash, after the later accusses her of being Brownie's marefriend.

"I’m not angry at you because of your asthma. What I really hate is that you lied to me instead of telling me the truth. You could have killed yourself because you were willing to risk your life rather than confessing that you shouldn’t go too far. I’ve never lied to you. Why couldn’t you do the same for me?"
Rainbow Dash to Brownie, after she discovers he kept his asthma as a secret.

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