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Rainbow in the Dark

  • Twilight leaves a note for Brownie and signs it as "Your faithful student".
  • Brownie finds Rarity's emergency sofas for her dramatic moments.
    Brownie: Wow, that’s a lot of sofas…
    Rarity: Do you like them? I use them for my emergencies.
    Brownie: (Emergencies? Either she ran a storage business, or provided special services to stallions.)
  • Meeting Apple Bloom:
    Apple Bloom: Ya didn’t hear of the Cutie Mark Crusaders before? We’re scattered all over Equestria.
    Applejack: The only member outside of Ponyville is your cousin Babs Seed from Manehattan.
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  • Derpy now works for Pony Ex.
    Derpy: He helped me a lot since that accident when I dropped a delivery.
    Brownie: That doesn’t sound so bad. I mean, dropping something from the carriage wouldn’t break any piece of furniture.
    Derpy: Well, the truth is that I dropped it from the sky. And by ‘it’ I mean an anvil, a piano and a carriage full of hay.
    Derpy: Luckily nothing bad happened. Just a few injuries, but fortunately nothing too serious, so instead of firing me out I got reassigned to work on the ground.
    Brownie: (Why did I get the horrible suspicion that this was considered completely routine for her?)
  • Twilight talks about the Cutie Mark crusaders:
    Twilight: That’s a group they created to find their special talents, but it usually ends in a failed attempt at whatever they try. There was one time where they acted in front of their school and won a Comedy Award.
    Brownie: That’s good, isn’t it?
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  • This moment shows how much Brownie has finally grown accustomed to Ponyville:
    “Look out below!” Before I could even react, a grey and yellow-colored blur crashed onto the floor, leaving a small hole on the surface. The pegasus pony quickly stood up, doing a military salute. “Derpy Hooves at your service, sir.”
  • Rainbow Dash stars an erotic dream with Brownie. It stops before getting to the adult stuff, but her reaction upon waking up is priceless.
  • Mecha threatening Brownie to fire him if he doesn't makes peace with Rainbow Dash.
    Mecha: Besides, if you don’t do it, I’ll fire you.
    Brownie: Wait, what? Under what legal circumstances?
    Mecha: (Takes out the contract) It’s all in the contract. Notice the third paragraph's sixth clause.
    Brownie: (Reading) "Yes, I am your boss and I can fire your plot for any reason, or without a reason. This includes being a moping wimp." Is that even legal?
    Mecha: I took it to a lawyer, and he accepted it as a legal contract, so yeah, I can fire you for being such a wimp.
    Brownie: I should probably read the next contract better.

Through The Prism

  • Brownie acts so shy and scared when Rainbow Dash insinuates to him and during sex that most readers will probably chuckle.
  • How about Brownie being too shy, nervous and innocent to realize that Rainbow Dash is insinuating so they can have sex for the first time?
  • Brownie suffers an erection as they watch a Daring Do movie because of Rainbow Dash giving him a full view of her chest. Definitely funnier that it sounds.

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