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     Player Personality Quiz results 
"You're so brave, and you never back down from anything! And you're also gutsy and brash in a way that others aren't! You're not shy about asking to take home all the leftovers at restaurants, right? If someone's treating you to dinner, you have no problem with ordering lots of good stuff! And you aren't fazed by doing things that most others would think twice about doing. Perhaps you don't even notice when others are upset with you! You know, you have the potential to become a truly great person... because you'll be the last one standing! So, a bold type like you... Will be a Turtwig (M)/Squirtle (F)!"
You seem to be... the Bold type!

"You don't know the meaning of fear! You're not afraid to keep moving forward in the face of danger. You also have a strong sense of justice and can't turn a blind eye to someone in trouble. But you sometimes push your own personal sense of justice a little too hard. Be careful that you don't get too pushy! So, a brave type like you... Will be a Pikachu (M)/Charmander (F)!"
You seem to be... the Brave type!

"You're very compassionate and considerate, and you put friends ahead of yourself. You're so generous and kindhearted that you can laugh, forgive, and forget when your friends make mistakes. But be aware that your compassion can sometimes get the best of you, putting you too far behind everyone else! So, a calm type like you... Will be a Chikorita (M)/Cyndaquil (F)!"
You seem to be... the Calm type!

"You're quite sensitive to others! You listen attentively and respectfully, and you're quick to pick up on things. Because you're so good at listening, do you find that your friends tell you their problems and concerns often? Perhaps people laugh at you sometimes for being so earnest and not recognizing jokes for what they are. But you're always honestly surprised and bashful about this aspect of yourself... And then honestly laugh about it! So, a docile, sensitive type like you... Will be a Charmander (M)/Bulbasaur (F)!"
You seem to be... the Docile type!

"And you're so determined! You don't whine or feel sorry for yourself, and you never need help with anything. You also have a strong sense of responsibility. You work toward your goals steadily and never require attention along the way. Your resilient spirit is the only thing you need to guide you toward your goals. But be careful! You risk wearing yourself out if you work too long all on your own! You should recognize that sometimes you need help from friends. So, a hardy, determined type like you... Will be a Torchic (M)/Treecko (F)!"
You seem to be... the Hardy type!

"You talk quickly! You eat quickly! You walk quickly! People often see you as a hard worker because you're always moving around so fast! But be careful! If you always rush so fast, you may make mistakes more often than others do. And what a waste that would be! Relax every now and then with a nice, deep breath! So, a hasty type like you... Will be a Shinx (M)/Pikachu (F)!"
You seem to be... the Hasty type!

"You really like to play a lot! And you enjoy eating a lot! You love competition, but you hate losing. Your personality seems crystal clear to others. With you, what you see is what you get! You cheer others with your dazzling smile. But you may be afraid of showing what's in your heart and revealing your true self. You may not want to keep your worries to yourself. You're only human, so ask your friends for advice when you need it. So, an impish type like you... Will be a Piplup (M)/Chimchar (F)!"
You seem to be... the Impish type!

"You have a good sense of humor, and you're compassionate. You're always making others around you laugh. You have a sunny, positive outlook, and you have a vitality that raises the lowest of spirits to giddy heights! Yet, for all your great cheer, you're also open to tears... But you bounce between laughter and tears so easily! What an adventure life must be like for you, bouncing around like that all day! So, a jolly type like you... Will be a Totodile (M)/Eevee (F)!"
You seem to be... the Jolly type!

"...At least a little bit! You might find that surprising, but do you think it might be a little true? You know what they say, though... We're all a bit lonely every now and then! You probably keep this fact of life to yourself, though. But if there's one thing that brings us all together... it's our need to go it solo! So, a lonely and solitary type like you... Will be a Bulbasaur (M)/Mudkip (F)!"
You seem to be... the Lonely type...

"You're so open and innocent! What a strong sense of curiosity you have! And you state your opinions purely, sharing exactly what you think. You also have an artistic spirit that isn't restrained by social conventions! You startle people with your spontaneity and vision. But when you overdo it, other people can have a hard time keeping up with you... Have you noticed people looking at you oddly? As if for no apparent reason? So, a naive, innocent type like you... Will be a Chimchar (M)/Skitty (F)!"
You seem to be... the Naive type!

"And very calm! You're great with numbers, and you analyze information before making decisions. You rarely make mistakes, because you make decisions so calmly and rationally. You also may find it hard to guess what others are thinking, and they may find you a touch cold at times. You may not want to keep your feelings to yourself so much of the time. So, a quiet and calm type like you... Will be a Treecko (M)/Chikorita (F)!"
You seem to be... the Quiet type!

"You want to be on the cutting edge of fashion! You want to own all the latest stuff, right? But you grow bored of your old things and only like new things! You're true to your emotions, and you follow your desires. People have a hard time keeping up with you because you change so quickly. You may want to reflect upon how your words and actions affect others. So, a quirky type like you... Will be a Squirtle (M)/Piplup (F)!"
You seem to be... the Quirky type!

"...Just a little bit hasty at times! You may run out of your house and forget to lock the door once in a while. And you may leave things like umbrellas behind when you leave places. Maybe you even dash outside in your slippers every now and then! Perhaps you even wear your shirts inside out all the time! Oh, is that even rasher than you really are? So sorry! But know that your friends think your funny little flubs are adorable! So, a rash and hasty type like you... Oh, wait! One more thing! You also sometimes reveal your friends' secrets by accident, don't you! Sorry. It had to be said! So, without further ado... a rash and hasty type like you... Will be a Mudkip (M)/Torchic (F)!"
You seem to be... the Rash type...

"You're so casual, leisurely, and carefree. You don't rush or stress yourself out, and you don't worry about anything. You like to take a seat and kick up your feet! Oh, yes! You definitely have an easygoing personality, and you don't sweat the details. People naturally flock to you because they find you to be a free spirit, which is so refreshing! So, a relaxed type like you... Will be a Phanphy (M)/Vulpix (F)!"
You seem to be... the Relaxed type!

"Or at least somewhat sassy! You don't like taking orders. You're a little rebellious and like to disagree. You're a lone wolf! You like to keep your distance from groups and go off to do things on your own. Older folks may be the ones who find you the most disagreeable, even selfish. But people younger than you tend to really admire you! So, a sassy type like you... Will be a Riolu (M)/Totodile (F)!"
You seem to be... the Sassy type!

"You're quite gentle! You're sometimes a little shy about new things, aren't you? Do you miss out on some experiences because you get worried about the newness of the challenge? Of course, there's also a great benefit in being cautious, isn't there? After all, it keeps you nice and safe! You live life at your own speed, with no hurries and no worries! So, a timid and gentle type like you... Will be a Cyndaquil (M)/Turtwig (F)!"
You seem to be... the Timid type.

    Story Quotes (Spoilers are unmarked!) 
Player: (...! This... This light... ...All right... Finally... The time has finally arrived... My time with [Partner]... ends now.)
Partner: Hey! [Player]. [sees player] Huh? [Player]... What is it? What's wrong with you...?
Player: ...Sorry, [Partner]. I kept this to myself for a long time... It looks like... I have to say good-bye...
Partner: What?! Good-bye?! What do you mean?!
Player: Dusknoir told me. If we change the future the Pokemon from the future would disappear. That's why I'm destined to disappear too.
Partner: Huh? What? Wh-why?
Player: Thank you for everything. I'm going to disappear from here now. But [Partner], I'll never forget you.
Partner: W-wait a second! I only made it this far because you were with me, [Player]. Don't you understand? You made me strong [Player]. If you go, I... I don't know... What I would...
Player: No, [Partner]. You have to be strong on your own. You have to live! You have to go home tell everyone about what happened here. So that nothing like this ever happens again.
Partner: Urk... [Player]...
Player: (...! The light... The light is getting brighter...)
Partner: [Player]... Don't! Don't go!
Player: Thank you for everything [Partner]. I'm glad we got to train together at the guild. I'm glad we got to go on adventures together. I'm glad... I got to know you. I'm so lucky I got to be your friend.
Partner: I feel the same [Player]! To me, you're more important than anything!
Player: Yes, I feel the same way. Even after I disappear from here, I will never forget you. [fades away]
Partner: ...[Player]... [Player]! ...[Player]!!
— The Player's disappearance

"I don't know what you two went through... But... It's just not possible... for either of you, [Partner] and [Player], to be unwanted in this world. If either of you went away, [Partner] or [Player]... It would make me sad. I think everyone at the guild would be sad too. It makes us happy that you're with us, [Partner] and [Player]! ♪ That's reason enough... to keep existing! More than that... it's not just [Partner] or [Player]... Everyone here... All the Pokémon in the world... Not one of their lives is without meaning! So never think that you're not wanted ever again. Stay full of cheer! All right? ♪"

"Everything ends eventually. Even if history is not changed... Even if the world of darkness continues in its current state... Eventually the day will come when I won't be here anymore. Since that's the case, the timing of it doesn't matter. The important thing is not how long you live... It's what you accomplish with your life. While I live, I want to shine. I want to prove that I exist. If I could do something really important... That would definitely carry on into the future. No... Not just into the future. In <Hero>'s and <Partner>'s future too... My spirit has become part of them, I believe. In them, my spirit is alive. And that spirit could be passed along to others. And so, if I were to disappear...I think all that I have accomplished will go on. That is... That would mean...that it's living, right?"
Grovyle to Dusknoir

"And that's how... our fight against Darkrai ended... When we returned to Treasure Town... We were thrilled by how excited everyone was at our return! We had been fully fooled by Darkrai... So I had thought that neither [Player] nor I had a place in this world... But when everyone surrounded us and was glad to see us back... That's when I finally thought... It's wonderful to be alive! Little Azurill woke up from his nightmare... I'm so glad that everyone was well. I remember what Wigglytuff said... Every Pokémon exists in the world for a reason. Even the ones that mean harm to others... Even that Darkrai. After all this... My adventures with [Player] will continue... We'll see many things... And we'll make new discoveries. We have gone back to Luminous Spring since then... Though we still can't evolve there. However... We can exist here! We can live here! And that alone is something that we should be happy and grateful about! That's what I finally learned. Yes, [Player]! Thank you for always being with me! Let's keep on exploring! May our friendship last forever!"
Partner's ending lines


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