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"Three-week wonders. That's what we called the new guys. That's all the training they got...but wasn't enough. They usually didn't last very long. No matter how much training you got or how strong you are...When you strap up and step up on a battlefield for the first time...(it) changes you forever."
Sergeant Thomas Conlin, Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

"Bein' a soldier is not hard. If it was, soldiers would not be able to do it."
Sergeant Jackarum, Monstrous Regiment

"By now we'd come to look at all replacements as dead men who temporarily had the use of their arms and legs. They came and went so fast and so regularly that sometimes we didn't even learn their names. Truth is, after a while, we sort of avoided gettin' to know them."

"Although we need reinforcement, the recruits give us almost more trouble than they are worth. They are helpless in this grim fighting area, they fall like flies. Modern trench-warfare demands knowledge and experience; a man must have a feeling for the contours of the ground, an ear for the sound and character of the shells, must be able to decide beforehand where they will drop, how they will burst, and how to shelter from them.
The young recruits of course know none of these things. They get killed simply because they hardly can tell shrapnel from high-explosive, they are mown down because they are listening anxiously to the roar of the big coal-boxes falling in the rear, and miss the light, piping whistle of the low spreading daisy-cutters. They flock together like sheep instead of scattering, and even the wounded are shot down like hares by the airmen."


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