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"Babysitting Mama is another entry in the Mama series. It started with Cooking Mama but she has branched out into other areas like gardening and crafting. What's next Mama? Camping? Oh wait, she's done that one too. I bet there's no line of work she couldn't find herself in. You know I could totally see her like a car mechanic. (Announcer Voice) Car Mechanic Mama! (Voice mimicing Mama) We need to change out your fuel filter and replace your spark plugs. (Normal Voice) Truly is there any line of work Mama can't do?"

Grand Priestess: I... am the Grand Priestess!
Fry: Aren't you also the Grand Midwife?
Grand Priestess: And the Grand Lunchlady. I work five jobs... all Grand.
Futurama, "The Beast with a Billion Backs"

"I've had a lot of jobs in my life: boxer, mascot, astronaut, baby proofer, imitation Krusty, truck driver, hippie, plow driver, food critic, conceptual artist, grease salesman, carny, mayor, grifter, bodyguard for the mayor, country western manager, garbage commissioner, mountain climber, farmer, inventor, Smithers, Poochie, celebrity assistant, power plant worker, fortune cookie writer, beer baron, Kwik-E-Mart clerk, homophobe, and missionary, but protecting people, that gives me the best feeling of all."
Homer, The Simpsons, "Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge"

"Miss Rabbit runs the ice cream stall, the recycling center, the library, she drives the train, the fire engine, flies a rescue helicopter, and works at the supermarket checkout."
The Narrator, Peppa Pig, "The Queen"

"Lisa, I bet you're wondering why Daddy's not at work again."
Homer Simpson, The Simpsons, "Homer And Ned's Hail Mary Pass"

Edgeworth: I thought you were working at Gatewater land as the Pink Badger?"
Oldbag: What are you talking about? That was AGES ago!
Edgeworth: (That was YESTERDAY!)

"Guess who got a job at [insert job here]?"
Trish's catchphrase, Austin & Ally


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