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Edo: Toyoda-san shared that when supervising the Japanese script for the Sonic movie, he places great importance on each character's personal pronouns, how they refer to themselves, because of the unique system that the Japanese language has.
Rena: Right, so here, Toyoda-san is explaining by using a comic panel that in English people would say "me" when referring to themselves, but in Japanese there are actually several ways to say "me". For example, Sonic would always say ore and Tails would say boku, and immediately by contrast we would know that Tails has more of a childish, pure nuance in his speech, and Sonic is more of an older, cooler guy. However, both Sonic and Knuckles would refer to themselves as ore, while Sonic's ore (オレ) is always written in katakana and Knuckles' is always written in Chinese characters (俺), which means Sonic is more of a trendy, cooler guy, and Knuckles is more of a hardcore, strong, tough guy. And for Toyoda-san, it's very important that each and every character's personal pronouns are reflected in the subtitles.