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"Now as soon as Monkey hears Red Boy is the son of the Bull Demon King, all his worries melt away. Because as you might recall from his original story back in episode one, Monkey was actually friends with the Bull Demon King back in the day, making Red Boy something approximating his nephew."

Fillmore: Clayton, my boy, you remember your Uncle Sherman, don't you?
Clayton: How could he possibly be my uncle? We're turtles and he's a shark!
Fillmore: He's not literally your uncle... it's figurative, son.
Clayton: So, how come I don't have a figurative mom?
Sherman: It's his literal cologne.

Webby: Thank you, Mr. McDuck.
Scrooge: Call me Uncle Scrooge.
Webby: [hugs him] I'm Webby.

Atlas Flame: [Natsu] is the son of Igneel, my dear friend.
Natsu: I appreciate the help! Thanks, Uncle!
Atlas Flame: "U-uncle"?


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