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Negan: (to Rick's group) "You can breathe, you can blink... you can cry. Hell, you're all gonna be doing that!"
(Rick's group weeps as they're Forced to Watch Negan bludgeon Abraham, then Glenn to death, right in front of them)

Luke Warm: NOTHING?!? (Voice breaks down) This is awful!
Ida Normer: (Whines) THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!
Pierre Blue: It makes me so sad!!! (They all sobbed in failure)
Sonny Friendly: (While carrying is teddy bear) Well, I guess we can't all be winners! Huh? (Laughs with joy) Well, Thank you very much and we will see you again next time on The Crying Game Show. (To his teddy bear) Oh, Teddy! It's good to have you back!

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