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"Flesh. Bone. Bound together with the oddest magickal incantation. This wretched book is where it all began so long ago. Before time. Before humanity. I am Doctor Edward Roivas. I am a clinical psychologist. I am also dead. This is not my story, nor even the story of the Roivas family. It is the story of humanity."
Edward Roivas, the opening narration.

"His undoing has been planned in intricate detail, those most loyal to him will be instrumental in his death. Nothing short of a miracle will keep him alive and there has not been one of those for a long time."
Pious Augustus, to Chattur'gha.

"Eyes! Rot their eyes...! Their staring sees through your soul like looking through a window... And the lids... festooned with tiny, hook-like teeth... that gape and gnash... it doesn't make sense... no anatomy would form like that... but it has!! Was it natural? How could it be? Oh unholy beast, thou must be killed, lest you corrupt my world! Have at thee!! HAVE AT THEE...Ruhahahaha!"
Maximillian Roivas, describing a Xel'lotath Horror.

"The tools of your puerile civilization are of no use against the Power of the Planes."
The Greater Guardian Of Ulyaoth

"Make sure he is dead... or insane... or perhaps first the one, then the other?"
Xel'lotath, to Pious Augustus

"I tried...I tried to tell them... But they wouldn't listen to me. Damn them...DAMN THEIR EYES! They didn't believe me...strange creatures...the world in peril from unseen foes...the death! THE DARKNESS! Instead they jeered and threw me into this forsaken place...a place of empty souls and fevered thoughts... reeking of foetor and decay! Thinking me mad with delirium...the fools cast away their hopes of salvation by locking me in this damned asylum! (lunges at the door) MAY THE RATS EAT YOUR EYES! I AM NOW LOST TO YOUR CAUSE! THE DARKNESS COMES! IT WILL DAMN US ALL!!!"
Maxmillian Roivas, during his ending scene, locked away in an insane asylum

"I had no knowledge of what was to come... nor did I care. How the knowledge changed me, it will also change you. As you read this, you will come to learn fear as I have. You, too, will come to understand... or you will perish. To think that once I could not see beyond the veil of our reality, to see those who dwell behind. My life now has purpose, for I have learned the frailty of flesh and bone. I was once a fool..."
Pious Augustus, introducing his chapter in the Tome of Eternal Darkness

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