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  • The Black Guardian boss battle, for three reasons:
    • Its own Crowning Theme of Awesome.
    • Peter Jacob is the one who defeats it. Why is this any more rad than the achievements of The Chosen Many? Well, for starters, Jacob is a lad who's obviously in weak shape, and it shows: though he's faster, he runs out of breath even more quickly than his predecessor Roberto, an overweight man in his forties. Secondly, the boss is completely immune to all the weapons Peter gets, and even mocks him for trying to shoot it. Thirdly, during the battle, the camera makes a mission out of showing just how shitless he is scared as the fight goes on. Even then, Peter's still more than the Guardian could chew, and he moves on to live sixty nine years in (almost) complete peace before he gets rid of the Essence he stole. It's also sweet revenge for this boss mercilessly killing another player character, Paul Luther the friar, in a previous chapter.
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  • Having Alex channel the spirits of those involved in the tome smashing Pious's artifact during the final boss battle. With this task, they're finally free.
  • After surviving through most of the game with whatever weapons come to hand, finally getting your hands on the OICW assault rifle as Michael, able to dispatch even Horrors and Winged Guardians from a distance with ease due to its burst fire and automatic fire setting, not to mention a grenade launcher!
  • To help in the final battle with Pious, you bind another Ancient to meet his in battle. Though it's a risky move, the sheer spectacle cannot be denied:
    • If Pious serves Xel'lotath, Chattur'gha is called to battle. She attempts to play mind games with him, sapping his sanity or summoning copies of herself. Chattur'gha, being a creature of simple methodology, merely tanks the damage and attacking all copies of her at once to reveal the real one. He then pulls her in to quickly and violently tear her to pieces. As the pieces fly across space, Chattur'gha lets out a triumphant roar.
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    • If Pious serves Chattur'gha, Ulayoth is summoned. As Chattur'gha attempts to attack him with a blast from his claws, Ulayoth simply redirects it back at him with a portal. When the giant crustaceous god lunges at him, another portal appears and slices Chattur'gha's claw off. Ulayoth proceeds to pin Chattur'gha down with a laser, take the other claw, leaving him, only briefly, to limp away in terror before slicing him in two and disposing of the body. Ulayoth barely even moves and handily outwits Chattur'gha's might with simple portal tricks.
    • If Pious serves Ulayoth, Xel'Lotath is invited in. Ulayoth attempts to blast her, but she simply absorbs the energy and sends it back at him. He tries sending her away, but she simply teleports away, appearing in the blind spot of a radially symmetrical all-seeing entity to attack him with lightning. Seemingly angered and desperate, Ulayoth keeps shooting her, only for her to reflect the beams back at him with little effort. She finishes him by using his favored trick against him, creating a portal to strike him with a beam of energy from above as she laughs over his charred, lifeless corpse.
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    • And finally, Mantorok gets one for arranging all of this. By counteractively hijacking the machinations that the trio would use to slowly kill him and take over the planet, Mantorok ends up quietly helping humanity pit the ancients against one another. An action which, due to the fact that time has no effect on them, means that all three kill each other at the same time. This leaves Mantorok as the sole survivor of the war, and while he's busy wasting away in Cambodia, he is not content to merely lay down and die just yet.
  • Edwin Lindsey's little venture deserves some recognition. Aside from the cathartic release of being able to mow down hordes of undead horrors with a shotgun, what makes the good doctor so awesome is that, alongside Alex, he's one of only two Chosen to fuck with Pious directly to his face and live to brag about it (granted he had some help from Ellia and Mantorok, but still impressive.) And brag he does, writing a full-length pulp novel about his experience, rubbing the humiliation in Pious's face even further. All the more impressive when you realize he went through the entire chapter knowing that Pious was an inhuman horror and that he had a perfect opportunity to flee right at the start! And if that isn't enough, if you play your cards right, Lindsey's chapter is where you acquire the Mantorok rune, which applies some unexpectedly nifty/opposing effects to typical spellsNobody crosses Edwin Lindsey indeed.
  • Most characters in this game understandably freak out when dealing with all the supernatural crap thrown their way. Pious? He just grits his teeth, draws his blade, and starts hacking away like it's a Sunday at the grocery store. Nerves of Steel, that one. And after he's forcibly twisted into a desiccated, shambling undead husk? He just rolls with it and picks up his new calling without missing a beat.
    • Pious's mental fortitude is so great the doesn't even have a sanity meter. He's the only character throughout the game to be completely unaffected by Eldritch abominations, otherworldly horrors, and occult magic. No wonder the ancients wanted him as their champion.

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