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Quotes / Enemies with Death

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Lord Downey: Mr Teatime, you have actually applied yourself to study of ways of killing Death?
Teatime: Only as a hobby, sir.
Lord Downey: But then some people might say that he is technically immortal.
Teatime: Everyone has their weak points, sir.

Teatime: There are children? Oh yes, of course. Call them.
Susan: Certainly not!
Teatime: It will be instructive, Educational. And when your adversary is Death, you cannot help but be the good guy.

Cheshire: I'm not afraid of death.
Shiva: But perhaps death is just a little afraid of me.

Grim Reaper: Arnold Judas Rimmer, your life is over. Come With me... [Lifts Rimmer] You will travel to the River Styx where you will place a coin-
Rimmer: Not today, Matey! [Knees the Grim Reaper in the crotch.]
[The Grim Reaper kneels over and winces.]
Rimmer: Remember, only the good die young! [Runs away]
The Grim Reaper: [In Strangled Voice] That's never happened before.

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