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Various quotes from Despicable Bear.

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    The Bear 
"Hey, it's time to hurt somebody."

"Go ahead make my day."

"Easy game, easy life."

"Do it...! Just do it!"

"Whatever happened with Buddy?"

"[Burp] 'Scuse me."

"I'm no match for you."

I'm a unbearable!"

"You hit like my granny."

"You watch YouTube to much."

"You are terrible."

"Yeah boy!"

"Wombo combo!"

"And this is just the first round."


"Is nothing sacred?"

"Are ya done yet? Didn't think so."


"Bear down!"

"Time out, time out!"


"Woah, nice fingers you got there!"

"Nothing is safe!"

"Think of your karma."


"It's time to kick a bear and chew bubblegum."

"It's showtime."

"I know what we're gonna do today."

"Boom shaka laka!"

"Yep that a butt hurt!"

"Might I tweet for a minute?"

"I'm made of safe ecological materials, 10% texel, 20% soft filling and [[Troll trolling."

    The Droid 
"Stop moving around."

"Bring it on tiny man!"

"Sleep little one."

"Life is over."

"Must destroy target."

"Lock and load."

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