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Continuum (Series)

Kiera: Many years before I was born, it was a time of unrest, and suffering. Public government collapsed. In the years that followed, everyone had to pull together and do their share to build a better society. People worked at New Pemberton and other factory cities throughout the union, to create a better future, but that was destroyed by one man and the zealots who followed him.
(Cut to a factory that looks more like a labor camp than anything else)

Prison Administrator: 22501, you have been found by the corporate court guilty of civic debt default. This is your third infraction, therefore, in accordance with statute 11, your citizenship is voided. I hereby sentence you to a mandatory life sentence.
Female Prisoner #22501: No, please! I can repay my debts if you just give me a chance!
Prison Administrator: Progress cannot be made if we don't all do our share.

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