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Ninja Kiwi is a video game developer based in Auckland, New Zealand. It was founded by Stephen and Chris Harris. The company is best known for making the Bloons games, although it has also made games such as Meeblings & SAS Zombie Assault.

Games and game series developed by Ninja Kiwi:


Tropes associated with games by Ninja Kiwi:

  • Implementing the Incomplete: Despite going on iOS and Android stores for purchase, rather than the usual Ninja Kiwi free to play model, Fortress Destroyer only had a few complete stages but promised more in the future as well as a greater number of features and ships/equipment. That never panned out and the game has been written off.
  • Rule of Cool: The main reason for Ninja Kiwi's popularity.
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction: One of the best known facts about Ninja Kiwi is that most of the games made by the publishers have weapons that can massacre hordes of enemies easily. Some of them are even treated like Game Breakers in universe.