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Noobtoob is a videogame podcast that was started by Tobin Coziahr and Yuzo Watanabe in June 2006. They were inspired to do a videogame podcast because they felt that the majority of videogame podcasts were too focused on gaming news and not focused enough on actual gaming and what it was like to play games. They also created a gaming forum of the same name. Here is a link to it: Here is also a link to the video show on Youtube: And finally here is a link to the defunct Noobtoob Wiki on the Wayback Machine:


Noobtoob contains examples of:

  • A Date With Rosie Palms: Tobin would occasionally make jokes about masturbation.

  • Ahead Of It's Time: The video podcast began on Youtube in January 2007. That was well before the emergence of Youtube gaming channels like Pewdiepie and the boon in popularity of the act of filming yourself talking about games and putting it on Youtube.

  • Getting crap past the radar: They didn't have much in the way of scrutiny. If Pewdiepie made some of the jokes that they did, he would probably get a fair amount of controversy. Also most of their fans were teenagers aged between 14 and 19 and in 2007 they got them to print out images as a4 posters that represented both their podcast and the website. They then got them to "street team" them by sticking them up in public AND private places. If a massive Youtuber with millions of subscribers did that there would be outrage.

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  • Go Out With A Bang: The show was ending in June 2011 because Tobin was moving 2000 miles away and they refused to use Skype as they didn't enjoy using it. They decided to end he show with the two part episode 231 instead of continuing the show with Skype as they felt that the show would have been much worse because they weren't enjoying it as much as they used to when they were in the same room as each other and they could enjoy beer or wine together and they thought that the small amount of al fans they did have would drop away. They never got paid to do the show so the only reason to do it regularly didn't exist anymore.

  • Humble Pie: There were a few instances where they both ate humble pie and admitted they were wrong about thinking a game was going to suck. Notable examples were Deadly Creatures which they thought would be a stupid educational game like Endless Ocean but instead was an atmospheric game with an actual plot and Dead Space which they said didn't look that good when they previewed it a week before the release and the game went on to be voted as the best game of 2008 by both of them.

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  • Inflated ranking: In January 25 2008 they were looking for a way to increase their popularity so they focused on getting a higher rank on Digg's podcast portal. On one episode they told their fans that they were at rank 98 on the videogame podcast section and that this was unacceptable so they told them to go to the site and digg their podcast as well as other things. The result was they went from rank 98 with 31 diggs to rank 29 with 214 diggs in one week. On March 26 they were at rank 14 with 492 diggs. Quite a boost in such a short time.

  • Innocent Swearing: Both Tobin and Yuzo frequently used the word Bukkake which is a term that describes a porn with multiple cumshots. One of their teenage fans called in with a story about how he taught his six year old sister the word. She was in school and when the teacher asked her a question his sister responded with "Bukkake!" The teacher was shocked that a six year old knew such a word and called in her mother. His mother banned the show from their house for a long time after that.

  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: The last 15 or 20 minutes of each episode had a community section which usually featured call ins from fans and a contest where fans would submit images usually consisting of mock ups of Tobin and Yuzo and other things from the show.

  • Running Gag: It became commonplace for a fan to say "Yow!" at the end of a call in.

  • Straight Man and Wise Guy: The show could be seen as an example of this as Yuzo is usually more fair when reviewing games and in the first year or two would be sometimes mildly shocked when Tobin sometimes (well maybe more than sometimes LOL) would make an offensive commment out of left field. This changed later on when Yuzo would sometimes make an offensive comment of his own, like his comment about the game Rapelay.

  • Too Good To Last: The show really hit its stride in mid 2008 and continued it until the shows end in June 2011.

  • Unpopular Opinion: Their glowing review of Kane And Lynch 2 Dog Days would probably be disagreed with by many game critics and gamers, especially the part where they say it is the most improved sequel since Assassins Creed 2.

  • Unbiased Reviews: They were incredibly unbiased reviewers since they had no advertisers and would criticize anything regardless of how hyped or well reviewed it was if they didn't like it. In episode 97 they were unapologetically critical of Metal Gear Solid 4 mostly because of the massive amount of what they felt were badly writen and voice acted cut scenes.

  • Vocal Minority: They were both very vocal about their dislike of Metal Gear Solid 4, Assassins Creed 1, Scribblenauts and Resistance 1 and their love of Kane And Lynch 2, Puzzle Quest Galactrix and Tobin's love of Matt Hazzard and Dragon Quest Swords.

  • Vulgar Humor: The show had frequent swearing in it most of which was from Tobin.


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