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"Who's the one to call when I'm frustrated
And I've got a problem with my plot?
Should my premise be so boldly stated?
Should I drop a clue, or should I not?

Sometimes I get caught up in my story
Where are these ideas coming from?
When it's one big exciting blur
That's when I should be writing her
At Mighty Mur @ Gmail dot com"
Fan-Created Theme Song

An award-winning Podcast for wannabe fiction writers by then-wannabe fiction writer Mur Laffertynote .

You can find the Podcast and the Blog here.

I should be troping:

  • Blog - Besides the straight feed, Mur also posts the shows and the show notes on the ISBW Blog, along with a daily writing prompt from Jared Axelrod in News From Poughkeepsie.
  • Gender-Blender Name - The host is named Mur. Be sure to not call her Sir if you're going to message her.
  • Theme Tune - Specifically, a song created by a fan, which is now used to introduce the Listener Feedback segments. "Where are these ideas coming from? When its one big exciting blur, that's when I should be writing her, at Might Mur at gmail dot com!"
    • She has two other theme songs as well — one for regular shows, and another one for the Good Cop Bad Cop segment.
  • Viral Marketing - Mur has gained a lot of loyalty out of the podcast community from the show, which has helped her get her books moving on the release days - including a good Amazon Rush or two.
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  • Web Serial Novel - This is where that Viral Marketing comes in. Mur has a lot of Podcast Novels, including the Heaven series, The Takeover, and Playing for Keeps, which you can find on Podiobooks.


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