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Basic Trope: Rainbows used as transportation.

  • Straight: Iris uses rainbows as a traveling vehicle.
  • Exaggerated:
    • A rainbow appears in-front of the main character, a leprechaun and a pot of gold appear like mushrooms out of the ground where it lands with the environment around it instantly attracting fairies and unicorns, Iris in a pink sundress and diaper sliding down it like a playground slide.
    • All rainbows are vehicles of gods, immortals, fairies, sorcerers and other magical beings.
  • Downplayed:
    • Iris travels on a magic carpet woven with magic thread in every color of the rainbow. It isn't made of rainbows, its just rainbow-colored.
    • Iris flies a motor-plane named Rainbow.
  • Justified:
    • Iris is the Goddess of Rainbows, so of course she would use a rainbow to get around.
    • Iris is a spirit that personifies rainbows, appearing wherever a rainbow is supposed to appear because she is the rainbow.
    • The gravity-distorting magical power by which Iris travels through the air refracts light in such a way as to produce a rainbow effect.
  • Inverted: Wherever Iris goes, color seems to drain, riding a black and white stream instead.
  • Subverted:
    • Iris appears in a brief explosion of Fantastic Fireworks made up of every color of the rainbow, only to reveal that she throws firecrackers at the ground as she comes out of the bushes so that people would have the impression that she appears via rainbow.
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    • People believe that Iris travels with a rainbow since they appear around the time she does, when in actuality she is a Goddess of Storms, Flying on a Cloud instead, rainbows being a side-effect of her monsoons.
  • Double Subverted:
    • Iris may have created Fantastic Fireworks to appear as though she travels on a rainbow, but it is with these fireworks that she invented the rainbow.
    • Iris is but one god of the weather, the rainbow being a vapor-trail of the specific cloud that she rides on.
  • Parodied: Iris rides the front of a rainbow like a surf-board to get around, complete with a tie-dyed swimsuit, a pair of sunglasses and surfer music being played by her cherub companions as she rides the clouds, briefly giving the Sun God a high-five.
  • Zig Zagged: Iris needs to go somewhere so she summons a rainbow, which in-turn causes a flying sail-boat to appear. She explains that this sailboat is made-up of the same material she uses to make rainbows, but it itself is not a rainbow. When he flying ship is attacked, she uses her powers to make the ship explode into dozens of rainbows, each of them carrying her crew to safety.
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  • Averted: Iris cannot get around by any magical means.
  • Enforced: The show is aimed at small children (particularly little girls), thus bright pastel colors are mandatory.
  • Lampshaded: "Iris rides on rainbows? I don't believe it. They're just refractions of light against water droplets in the air."
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  • Implied: A rainbow appears in the distance, only for Iris to appear from the bramble seemingly out of nowhere.
  • Deconstructed: Someone asks Iris if they could take a rainbow back to their home on Earth, only for Iris to point out that rainbows are just refractions of light against water droplets in the air and one cannot actually touch rainbows, and that if they tried they would fall to their deaths.
  • Reconstructed: Iris points out that every day rainbows are just refractions of light, but she is able to enchant rainbows so that people can slide down them.
  • Played for Laughs: Iris, still getting the hang of her powers, conjures a rainbow with the intent of sliding down it to Earth, only to fall right through it, forgetting to make it solid.
  • Played for Drama: None of the other gods take Iris seriously due to the saccharine, light-hearted nature of her powers, thus she is ridiculed for her mode of transportation.
  • Played for Horror: Rainbows are giant monster snakes that travel the skies that come down to Earth to eat and terrorize mortals, Iris riding atop their heads as their ruthless master.

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