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Playing With / Good Is Old-Fashioned

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Basic Trope: A cynical character holds the belief that moral codes are out of date.

  • Straight: Frederick insults Jason for having such "old-fashioned" codes of honor.
  • Exaggerated: Frederick smugly makes a scathing speech on why Jason's goodness is as ancient as the dirt.
  • Downplayed: Frederick just tells Jason that he himself doesn't have to uphold passe ideals.
  • Justified:
    • Both characters are living in a Crapsack World and Frederick thought that if the world has moved on, so should Jason.
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    • What's considered "good" in the story could reasonably be subject to generational Values Dissonance; Jason believes that Sex Is Evil and Frederick doesn't, and the story takes Jason's side.
  • Inverted: Jason mocks Frederick for having old fashioned standards which are so cynical and should adhere to the brand-new and idealistic morals.
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  • Averted: Frederick and Jason both believe that ideals do not belong to any given time.
  • Enforced: A cynical author creates Frederick as a tool to refute idealistic standards.
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  • Defied:
    • "Goodness is not old fashioned! You're just saying that to avoid following the rules!"
    • A new code of morals is made by Jason that is more relevant to the current situation.
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