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"I'm a last-century man."

V1: What kind of idiot lets himself be talked into putting his belt on the line in a tag match?
Jay: Aren't faces stupid, though? And lead with their HEART? "I need to defend his honor. The honor of David Arquette."
V1: I dunno whether that's just a wrestling thing or an America thing.
OOC: Still happens to this day. Cena can not turn down a challenge.
OSW Review, Ep. 33

"Thus a world of honor ends."
Gore Vidal, Washington D.C.

In those far-off days, the ways of our forefathers were rude and simple. Rome nowadays is all ablaze with gold, rich with the wealth of the world that she hath conquered. Look at the Capitol; compare it now with what it once was. You would say it was a temple consecrated to another Jupiter. The palace of the Senate, worthy now of the august assembly that sits within it, was, in the days when Tatius was king, nothing but a thatched cottage. These gorgeous edifices on the Palatine Hill, built in honour of Apollo and our great leaders, were once but pasture ground for oxen that dragged the plough. Let others belaud those ancient times; I am satisfied to be a child of to-day. I find it better suited to my tastes, not because nowadays we ransack the bowels of the earth for gold, and import purple dyes from distant shores; not because we see the mountains shrink because we are eternally quarrying them for marble; not because vast moles keep far away the billows of the deep; but because we enjoy the amenities of life, and because those rough and boorish ways, which for a long time characterized our ancestors, have not endured to our day.
Ovid, The Art of Love

Captain America: Aren't the stars-and-stripes a little old-fashioned?
Phil Coulson: With what's about to happen — the things that are about to come to light — people might just need a little old-fashioned.

Annabeth: "Those ways are old and tired. Our way is much better."
Robin: The old Batman would never descend to this level!
Azrael-As-Batman: The old Batman was created for older times.


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