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Basic Trope: Learning extra details about a work via knowing a specific foreign language.

  • Straight: The Original German Language Visual Novel Troperia Adventures features some background illustrations with text in Japanese. While the work is enjoyable for monolingual German speakers, those who know Japanese can get some extra enjoyment or foreshadowing out of the text.
  • Exaggerated: There aren't just Funny Background Events written in Japanese, but you can find text or hear short voice clips in three different variations of Arabic, Norwegian, Hawaiian and isiZulu.
  • Downplayed:
    • The text is question is something that could easily be figured out by context anyway even if you didn't know the language, such as a ramen shop sign saying "ラーメンSHOP".
    • The game is mostly in German, with a few sprinklings of English text here and there. Most Germans would know enough English to understand the text in question.
  • Justified: Troperia Adventures features a plot in which the protagonist travels to Japan; not featuring the language somewhere in the background would be stranger.
  • Inverted: As Long as It Sounds Foreign
  • Subverted:
    • The Japanese text looks accurate enough, but on further investigation it either makes no sense or outright spoils later events in the work in a manner which irritates rather than entertains the bilingual audience.
    • It may seem like a bilingual bonus, but if you investigate the item the characters explicitly state what it says for the audience's benefit.
  • Double Subverted:
    • In a later patch of the VN, the offending text is removed and replaced with something that actually can be seen as a bonus.
    • The character's explanation is Entertainingly Wrong to those who actually do understand the language.
  • Parodied: The Japanese text translates to "Why are you reading this crap? We just needed to fill out some space in the background... Now move on with the story!"
  • Zig-Zagged: Knowing Japanese gives you a little extra when reading the visual novel... Sometimes. Other times the bonuses are written in gibberish which does not actually mean anything.
  • Averted: The visual novel only features text in one language, whether original or translated.
  • Enforced: "Most people who read VNs are weebs anyway, let's throw them a bone!"
  • Lampshaded: During a point-and-click minigame, clicking the non-German text results in the protagonist musing "Huh... I wish I knew what that says. I bet it's really funny."
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  • Invoked: The protagonist does only know one language (German) but decides to travel the world anyway, reasoning that she always can ask bilingual friends what certain texts stated later.
  • Exploited: The bilingual bonuses are used to get crap past the radar.
  • Defied: The protagonist resolves to read up on local languages before travelling somewhere, and when inspecting items with text in other languages than German, she will translate it mentally both for her own and the audience's benefit.
  • Discussed: ???
  • Conversed:
    German streamer: "Oh, there's some text I can't read over there. Does anyone in the chat know enough Japanese to tell us what the joke is?"
  • Played for Laughs: Often is, especially of the Funny Background Event variety.
  • Played for Drama:
    • The text in Japanese foreshadows a drastic Genre Shift or Mood Whiplash.
    • The protagonist is speaking with another character who only knows some German and is trying to describe something distressing that happened without always knowing the right words. A German-only speaker who has some ideas of what happened already finds the scene sad, but for Japanese players it becomes an outright Tear Jerker because they know exactly what the character is trying to talk about.
  • Played for Horror: Troperia Adventures is a horror game, and while the soundtrack may sound like creepy gibberish to a German ear, people who understand Japanese realise the singer is singing some really disturbing lyrics.

Du kannst über weitere Beispiele von Bilingual Bonus lesen ob du den blaue Text klickst!

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