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Playing With / Adaptational Backstory Change

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Basic Trope: A character's backstory is changed (whether by fleshing out or entirely altering facts) in an adaptation.

  • Straight: In Tales of Troperia, Bob is an orphan and finds his mentor by total accident. In the movie version, Bob gets adopted by the man who becomes his mentor.
  • Exaggerated: In Tales of Troperia, Bob is an orphan who stumbles upon his mentor after growing up in bad places and becoming hardened and aggressive in response. In the movie, Bob had a happy childhood and has never picked up a weapon. He seeks out his mentor so he can learn to fight the dragon threatening his home.
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  • Downplayed: In Tales of Troperia, Bob is an orphan for the first half of the story and is only adopted halfway through. In the movie, he's adopted as the story begins.
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  • Enforced: The executives think Bob's backstory as it is would be too sad/too happy/too edgy/not edgy enough/too complicated/etc and change it to something that suits their purposes better.
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    Viewer: "What is it with movies and changing the characters' backstories?"


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