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Nightmare Fuel / Yami Shibai

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  • "Zanbai". The people in the protagonist's room are jarring, but the sudden art shift of them standing on the hospital roof is unsettling. They move far too smoothly in comparison to the rest of the animation, and we still don't know why they were sending such misfortune, just that they're clearly malicious. The paralyzed reaction of the chaperone absolutely does not help.
  • "Contradiction", where a lady is phoned in the middle of the night by her two friends who decided to investigate a haunted hospital, with both of her friends saying contradicting things about their own circumstances. Understandably when the lady decides to open the door and look at her friends, they both have Nightmare Face...
  • The terrifying premise of "Tormentor", some sort of demonic presence that posseses you if you so much as LOOK at another person who is possesed, transforming them into Uncanny Valley full-motion caricatures with ceaselessly twisting limbs and head, not to mention the Jump Scare at the end.
  • "Inside", which revolves around a boy who finds a Russian nesting doll in an abandoned lot, which is confiscated by his mother, only for her to take on a strange emotionless demeanor afterwards, and the boy hearing her either cry or laugh hysterically behind closed doors. When he finally grabs the doll while she is bathing, he finds that each of the dolls layers shows a different, more disturbing and disheveled face: Happy, angry, sad, and finally a disturbing Slasher Smile that looks like it was drawn on with red crayon. When he lifts THAT layer, the screen goes black, plus a cacophony of voices screaming, laughing and crying is heard... In the very next scene, he's standing facing the wall with an emotionless voice, just like his mother.
  • "Hair". A schoolteacher is working after hours on the school paper, only for the bell to ring at an odd hour. As she's copying the paper for distribution, odd black lines appear on the paper...
  • "Taro-Chan". A police officer who's also a skilled ventriloquist performs an act about bike safety to an elementary school, only for the doll to come to life when a wooden talisman falls out of it. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • "In The Water". A swim team member stays behind after hours to practice in the team swimming pool, only for something to notice his presence in the water. As he swims across the pool, he discovers to his horror that his hands are covered in stringy black hair. This is NOT A Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl story by the way, the story twist actually manages to be even WORSE!
  • “Bugged”. A man angrily writing in his diary hears a loud, mosquito-like buzzing sound that only seems to get worse as days go by. As he gets more and more irritable in the following days, he begins to have strange hallucinations like maggots crawling in his eyes. He soon begins to suffer from Sanity Slippage as his diary entries become more violent and incoherent, culminating in him lying dead on the floor, with insects crawling around inside his dead body.
  • ""That Side" Festival". Two girls named Miki and Asako are enjoying a festival, with Miki wishing they could stay there forever. After stopping to look at a strange mask, Asako ends up stuck between her own world and "that side". Now trapped in the festival with otherworldly creatures, she desperately looks for Miki. She finds her, but Miki ends up leading her to "that side" anyway, her face concaving into the mask from before. The episode ends with Asako screaming as laughter and chants of "go to that side" echo through the festival...
  • "Echoes". Who is making the voices the girls were hearing on the mountain trail? It gets especially scary when one of them hears the voice right next to her.
  • "Frog Eggs". Was what the boy did really necessary?!
  • "The Last Bus". This is definitely an And I Must Scream moment. The woman who bullied her friend by ignoring her, even her suicide, is doomed to join her: trapped in a limbo where everybody ignores her pleads for help while the ghost laughs at her.
  • "If You Want To See Ghosts". So, you want the ability to see dead people? Well, you can't tell anyone you have this ability or the dead will hunt you down and rip your eyes out! And if you spread the secret on social media...

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