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Nightmare Fuel / X Japan

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  • Art Of Life is Yoshiki's semi-autobiographical personal story of pulling through a horrific depression and its attendant overwhelming emotional pain. It becomes Nightmare Fuel when you read one of the interviews where he mentioned that it refers to an attempted and failed suicide.
    • The piano segment. Holy shit the piano segment. While a big Tear Jerker of Yoshiki's piano playing, the unnerving piano slamming and out of tune moments come off as Nothing Is Scarier, especially when you take into account the aforementioned attempted/failed suicide.
    • Hell, the song itself is this for anyone who has suffered from depression. It's painfully accurate and perfectly encapsulates the feeling of just being hopeless and not giving a fuck what happens... because you're going to die anyway.
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  • Rose of Pain tells the story of Elizabeth Báthory, a Hungarian countess who according to legend took literal Blood Baths.
  • White Poem is this if you find the combination of extreme BDSM (we're talking suspension hooks and blood-drawing whips here) and an acid-trippy ambience around it all nightmarish. The live is a bit toned down—into an actual BDSM domination scene, which isn't as scary if you're into femdom—but the PV is, while nowhere near as real, far more nightmarish.
  • The sheer Trauma Conga Line the band suffered: Most bands have weird experiences in their lives, but X Japan lost their vocalist to a cult, their lead guitarist and more famous member died from suicide, the god-like bassist went through probably the worst type of hell imaginable, their drummer and founding member suffered multiple Creator Breakdowns, their secondary guitarist became a prime example of The Alcoholic, and even when they reunited, their god-like bassist was murdered and became unanimously agreed it wasn't suicide. If X Japan isn't the prime example of a Dysfunction Junction, who knows.


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