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  • In the middle of their 2010 tour final concert at the Roseland Ballroom in New York, Yoshiki ran off stage, to Toshi's confusion...until he came back on wheeling out a birthday cake, getting the audience to sing "Happy birthday" to him - twice - and how far they've come as a band, to the point they are at last touring America. It's hard to believe these two were ever separate...
  • During a performance of Art of Life, the band started a hologram of hide, as if he was still playing with them.
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  • A Bigger heartwarm is on their Facebook page:
    Members: Yoshiki, Toshi, Hide, Heath, Pata, Sugizo, Taiji
  • Toshi and Yoshiki embracing onstage. With all that the band, and they individually, have gone through, and that now their friendship and alliance is even stronger because of it...
  • While a huge Tear Jerker at that, The Last Song is a pretty heartwarming song at that.
    • The cover for the EP/Single at that is also this: Yoshiki and Toshi embracing during The Last Live. Serves as a Heartwarming in Hindsight as they would later on reunite.
  • At the end of the 2010 concert in Yokohama, Taiji, who'd performed with the band as a guest, embraced the rest of the band as if he'd never left. There's a particulalrly powerful moment where he hugs Heath, almost like he's officially passing the torch.
  • We Are X definitely adds some heartwarming, Yoshiki constantly the band his "family" and admitting they make him stronger.
    • Yoshiki talking kindly of his father, especially admitting he still keeps the only photo of him after his death.
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    • Due to all the criticisms fans have towards the band due to their over glorification of hide and demoting Taiji as extra, the doc gladly makes focus on both of them. Yoshiki even sees both of their graves, Toshi tagging along with him when they go see Taiji (along with them jokingly saying the wind picking up is Taiji telling them off).
    • Another Author's Saving Throw: Some fans tend to get worried about the band's lack of reaction to Yoshiki constantly collapsing after stress, to which Toshi (and Pata as well) point out it isn't because they don't care, it's because they know Yoshiki can handle it and is strong enough to do so.
    • Yoshiki and Toshi's Heterosexual Life-Partners moments, the two happily talking about their childhoods together and Toshi admitting the first song they practice together ("Without You") and even going to dinner together were the first times he legit was happy.
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    • Arguably everyone from Marilyn Manson to even Gene Simmons talking glowingly of X Japan, the latter even saying had they been from the US, they would have become mega stars. Considering who this is, that's impressive.
  • The band's entire existence. Any other band would NOT survive the sheer horrors this band has been through, but every single member of this band has been to hell and back- with the exception of Hide and Taji- and are a stronger band, and stronger people for it.

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