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Nightmare Fuel / Videodrome

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  • At the very least, this film will make you terrified of tumors.
  • The whole idea of the movie is terrifying. Suddenly being inflicted with a tumor that will make you hallucinate any time it wants, just from watching a porno.
  • Max being seduced by a giant pair of Nicki's lips on his bulging television screen, as veins and breathing emanate from the television itself.
  • Harlan's death. Max manages to painfully transform Harlan's right hand into a cancerous hand grenade on top of a bloody stump. Harlan can only scream as the grenade explodes along with him.
  • Convex's death is pretty damn graphic. To elaborate, his body slowly and gruesomely tears itself apart as tumors sprout from his body as he writhes in agony. Even when the camera cuts away, his gurgled screaming can be heard on the loudspeakers.
  • The image of Max wearing a gigantic recording device on his head, man made into machine (a favorite Cronenberg theme). There's nothing overtly terrifying about it, save the visuals and the low, threatening music.


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