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Nightmare Fuel / Twitch Plays Pokémon Prism

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  • The Haunted Mansion in Rijon. Unlike most mainline game haunted mansions, this one is a lot more realistic. The music for it is pulled directly from Pokémon Pinball's Gengar bonus stage, which is creepy in and of itself. All of the lights in the house are turned off, and the interior looks very dilapidated and old-fashioned. In one of the upper rooms is an old woman who says nothing to you, which heavily implies that she may be dead. The bathtub in the bathroom is filled up for some reason. Last, but most certainly not least, for some unknown reason, there's a prison in the basement.
  • At long last, the secret of the Haunted Mansion is finally revealed. Within that prison is a portal to another dimension. That dimension? GLITCH CITY. Like the infamous Glitch City of old, it's a world of pure, unadulterated wrongness that even begins to mess up the team's status window. Even worse? That world is home to an Eldritch Abomination: the mysterious bird from Anniversary Crystal and Brown. The Mob chased it and battled it, revealing at long last its true identity. Its name? Phancero. It's a big, mutated raven that appears to phase in and out of existence. However, its Dex entry reveals that these are all just illusions that it uses as a defense mechanism.

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