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  • Just like Evan and Paul, we chose the default name.
  • Our rival's name is KKKKKKK.
  • The Zombie Bunny glitch. note 
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  • Cyan spent over 6 hours as a Magikarp. Which was the longest she spent stuck on any one individual obstacle, putting it in the company of the Rocket Hideout, Mt. Silver, the Mistralton City Gym, and the redesigned Saffron City Gym.
  • Cyan's tendency to try mining every few steps in caves.
    • She's even managed to try it where there shouldn't be a wall! note 
  • Meanwhile, at the Daycare.
  • Cyan's party contains both a Gardevoir and a Lopunny, probably the two Pokémon most infamous for having a "waifu" reputation—and they're both male.
  • One of the new additions was the Shiny Ball, which turned any Pokémon caught by it Shiny. Due to a glitch, Y4 turned Shiny too, as well as turning from a female with Huge Power to a male with Thick Fat. This is depicted as her either going Super Saiyan or being powered up by the Chaos Emeralds.
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  • The final boss(es) of the game were the champions of the games which canonically precede Prism in reverse order: Brown, Gold and Red. Despite Brown putting up a decent fight, the AI ended up screwing over the champions, resulting in Cyan storming the Mystery League in a single go, despite a level disadvantage.
  • Despite becoming really strong, Cyan still needs a mining pick in order to mine.
  • While no host has ever had a team with no two members sharing a type, this usually takes the form of multiple Water-types or Flying-types, or occasionally Normal-types, Poison-types, even Electric-types or Grass-types. Cyan's only pair with a common type? Miller and Y4, who are both Fairy-types. Now remember who Cyan's father is.

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