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Tear Jerker / Twitch Plays Pokémon Prism

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  • The Harsh & Depressing Hardships of Cyan the Magikarp. Set to Emotion, no less.
  • Phancero. The mysterious bird from Anniversary Crystal and Brown. Originally believed as a Reality Warper that corrupts everything it touches, its Pokedex entry describes it as a lost, lonely soul whose glitches are only harmless illusions that it creates to protect itself. All this time, the chat saw the being they called OLDEN as nothing by a glitchy Eldritch Abomination that wanted nothing more than to corrupt everything. Cyan, however, saw him for what he truly is.
  • Nintendo issuing a C&D towards the creators makes the game a Tear Jerker. With just one official decree, a game that had been in development for over ten years straight was killed. Turned around somewhat by the fact that what appears to be the latest development build was leaked, and now a separate team is unofficially working to finish its legacy.
    • As self-protection, whoever leaked the build intentionally erased all traces of the original developers' names before publishing it online. Why is this sad? This includes the credits screen, where all 40 people who worked on the game have been erased. In the place of their names is the following message.
    There used to be real credits on this screen. Showing who did what here. Around 40 people total. 40 people whose effort vanished in three pages. Please do think of the effects of what you do. And a big thank you for playing this game.

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