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Nightmare Fuel / Tomie

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Hope you don't need sleep...

  • Obviously, the plentiful Body Horror moments of new Tomies growing from parts of the deceased one. Or, worse, still in her body! Worse, Tomie's blood can turn even inanimate objects into more of her, as seen in one of the early stories where her blood soaks into the protagonist's carpet...
  • In her last appearance, Tsukiko (AKA the Only Sane Man) visits Tomie's house. But it turns out that house is not hers, and her "father" is actually Takagi disguised as the actual owner of the house, who also had a daughter. This daughter, in her turn, was used as subject for Takagi's experiments about Tomie's regeneration capabilities. The ending result is a giant pile of Tomie heads of various sizes fused together on a giant earthworm!
  • One later chapter features a man trying to disfigure Tomie as retaliation for her having him disfigured. First, he slices into her face like what was done to him, only it heals almost instantly. Then he slices her face to shreds. This time it doesn't heal because the cuts get infected. So this time each segment of her destroyed face begins mutating into another Tomie, resulting in a huge mass of eyes, mouths and hands erupting from her face.
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  • Tomie herself is enough to induce nightmares. Just a glance at her form is enough to plant the seeds of obsession in somebody's head, which always inevitably ends with murder. And what's scarier than that is the fact that she's constantly multiplying, usually as a result of someone trying to get rid of her.

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